United Evangelical Church of Puerto Rico

Iglesias Evangélica Unida de Puerto Rico


The United Evangelical Church of Puerto Rico is a community of faith organized by believers in God the Creator, Jesus Christ the Redeemer, and the Holy Spirit the sustainer. They promote and live the unity of the church to bear witness to Jesus Christ and his kingdom. The United Evangelical Church of Puerto Rico is a community of faith that encourages and lives through the Church’s unity. Their mission answers to a call from God that invites them to adore, proclaim the gospel, educate, serve and reconcile the human being with God and do the same with their neighbors.  Their vision is to be a name recognized by its drive and dynamism that reaches and transforms the lives of the people in the name of Christ and extends its service and action of justice to the society and the creation to establish the realm of God.

February 2018 Update from Global Ministries Partners on Hurricane Maria Recovery

One year later: an update from Ryder Hospital after Hurricane Maria

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