The United Protestant Church of France

epuf.jpgThe United Protestant Church of France is the largest protestant church in France with 450 local churches and 250,000 people taking part in the worshipping life of the church. Its activities are open to all, and combine formal celebrations (weekly worship, occasional celebrations) with informal opportunities to meet and share with others, practical training to help read and study the Bible, ecumenical involvement, evangelism and engagement in society (social action, international relations, cultural activities and voluntary actions).

By bringing together Lutheran and Reformed Protestants in a single church, the United Protestant Church of France bears witness to the possibility of a life of unity in diversity and plurality. Choosing to trust (the church’s motto) has given an impetus to become a church of witnesses.

The United Protestant Church of France wishes to seize the opportunity offered by the 500th anniversary of the Reformation in 2017 to further the Gospel, expressing together our understanding of this Good News, living it out in today’s world, and sharing it openly with everyone that we may encounter.


The United Protestant Church of France was formed in 2012, from the union of two sister churches: the Reformed Church of France and the Evangelic Lutheran Church of France, but its roots go back to the time of Reformation in the 16th century. In France, Protestants have always been a small minority. however after a long period of persecution, they gradually took their place in French society from the Revolution onwards, thanks to the progress of the secular state, which guaranteed freedom of religion for all, an idea which they actively promoted.

As the creation of the United Protestant Church shows, Lutheran and Reformed Protestantism is undergoing renewal. At a time when the religious landscape is marked by splits and confessional isolationism, this union is a positive sign of openness and effective engagement.

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