Planning a Mission Co-worker Visit in your Congregation

Planning a Mission Co-worker Visit in your Congregation

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“On behalf of Bethany Christian Church in El Paso, Texas, we want to thank you for putting us on the list to be visited by Elena Huegel.  It was a huge blessing for us as well as the other churches that joined us for our evening.  She is such a witness for the value of relationships with her open, friendly demeanor.  She wins the hearts of people so easily.  And what a wonderful storyteller!!” 

“Her presentation made the mission field seem so real and so special.  She took the time to minister to individuals after the service and that was such a blessing for them.  One of our young people who is a high school student had never heard a missionary before is now thinking that this might be a calling for his life and that is the big payoff!! So thank you again – we will be following Elena with prayer as she goes to Mexico.” – Jeralynn De Frank of Bethany Christian Church, El Paso, TX

Having a mission co-worker come to your church can be an exciting opportunity to educate the congregation about what’s happening in global mission through the Global Ministries mission co-workers that you support. You’ll learn about the country where the mission co-worker serves and about issues facing the people of that country.

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Some intentional planning makes the experience a memorable one for all. The more people you can involve in the planning process and who carry some responsibility for the success of the event, the more you enable education of the congregation and enhance leadership skills.

Mission co-workers will interpret our churches’ participation in God’s mission, which is made possible by Disciples Mission Fund and Our Church’s Wider Mission. They are not coming as fund-raisers for their particular projects.

Questions to ask as you prepare for a mission co-worker visit:

  • What does your congregation need to hear at this moment?
  • What does your congregation need to know about the global community?
  • What are your congregation’s particular mission needs?
  • What are the issues with which your congregation is dealing?
  • What is happening in your surrounding community?
  • Are you struggling with how to reach marginalized groups in the community (the poor, homeless, ethnic groups)?

Your mission co-worker’s experience in dealing with global issues may lend some insights into working with these questions. Be prepared to listen with open hearts and minds.

Some possible activities to consider planning during a mission co-worker visit:

Be sure to give the mission co-worker as much time as possible to meet and talk with the people of the church. Be sure to brief the mission co-worker in advance about your plans and expectations for their visit.

  • Invite a mission co-worker to accompany you to a local homeless mission, migrant camp, battered women’s shelter, children’s shelter, etc. When you return to the church, prepare a meal together and debrief about what you saw, experienced and felt. The mission co-worker can make connections with his/her experience, guiding discussion and closing with worship.
  • Meet with youth. Mission co-workers can make a great impact on youth and their thinking about the church, the world, and how they can be involved.
  • Have a mission event. Serve a meal typical to the country where the mission co-worker lives. Use Global Ministries placemats. Invite members to bring international centerpieces. Include songs in another language. Put the nation’s flag on each table. Give ample time for the mission co-worker to share their story.
  • Hold a mission fair. Have booths, each including what church school classes are studying about the country or issues faced by the people – information available from your church headquarters, the local library, newspapers or magazines. Invite the mission co-worker to be the keynote speaker.
  • Include the mission co-worker in worship. Invite the mission co-worker to do the children’s sermon during worship, preach, or give a stewardship/communion meditation.
  • Involve mission co-workers in Conferences, Retreats, Annual Meetings, Regional Assemblies. Invite mission co-workers to provide leadership on mission, human rights and community development from a Christian perspective, or lead a spiritual development retreat.
  • Plan Informal gatherings at a church member’s home on a weeknight or for lunch. Large numbers are not important. Those who are interested will come.
  • Invite the mission co-worker to area church events, Regional/Conference committee meetings or events, citywide ministerial meetings.
  • Invite the mission co-worker to meet and brainstorm with your outreach/mission committee and to pray with your prayer group.
  • Include the mission co-worker in your evangelism team visits as you call on prospective members or visit those who are incarcerated.
  • Meet with these church groups/task forces:
    • church school classes
    • women’s and men’s fellowship groups
    • church governing board
    • youth groups, seniors’ groups
    • groups addressing hunger/poverty/health/education/human rights/refugee and immigration issues

What does your congregation need to provide for the mission co-worker visit:

  • Transportation from/to the nearest airport or to the next church on the mission co-worker’s schedule. Your Conference or Regional coordinator can provide you with the mission co-worker’s schedule.
  • Overnight housing in a local hotel, guest house, or the home of a church member.
  • Time for the mission co-worker to ‘be alone’ apart from any of the host family to rest and have time to meditate and reflect.
  • An invitation to nearby Disciples of Christ and United Church of Christ congregations to join you and meet the mission co-worker.
  • Meals while the mission co-worker is with you.
  • An atmosphere open to receiving the “Good News.”
  • World map or globe.
  • If necessary, you may be asked to provide: slide projector, screen, extension cord and backup projector bulb, VCR, tape recorder, table to display items/photos, microphone.

Get the complete guide to hosting a mission co-worker in your congregation

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