Please pray for Poland

Please pray for Poland

God of life and love, we thank you for all your gifts and today, and we especially ask for your mercy.  We’re lifting up to you the hearts and lives of the people who live along the flooding Odra River and Wisla River in Poland–people who have been evacuated, have lost loved ones, or have lost their homes and farms–everything. We lift these broken lives up to you, our God.

Comfort those survivors whose towns have been lost in the flood.  Give renewed hope and courage to those who mourn the loss of life and property. Help people trust and consider the needs of others as they recover, and rebuild or relocate.

Grant comfort to the people and government of Poland, which has suffered first the tragic Katyn anniversary plane crash, and now severe flooding.

And grant us all God’s peace.

All this we ask in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

[Liz and Doug Searles, members of Schleswig United Church of Christ, Schleswig, Iowa, serve the Evangelical Reformed Church in Poland as mission workers for church growth and outreach. They are jointly appointed by the Presbyterian Church (USA).]