Pray for East Timor on Sunday May 9, 2010

Prayer for East Timor: John 14-23-29

God, we thank you today that you have come to make your home with us on this earth. We thank you for the comforting gift of the Holy Spirit and the peace that you have put in our hearts. Today we lift up the country of East Timor and we ask that your Spirit might be at work in and through the ministries of our partners bringing hope and love to all. We pray specifically for our missionaries who are accompanying them on their journey. And we ask for a special blessing upon Carlos Madrazo who is grieving the loss of his spouse, Silversity, in her battle with cancer. Holy Spirit, bring your comfort and peace to Carlos and his family. In Jesus name, we pray. Amen.

 (Prayer by Bob Shebeck)

Pray for:

  • Immanuel Clinic Lospalos. Immanuel Clinic is a ministry of the Protestant Church of East Timor.  It has served the community of Lospalos with free health care since 1991. The clinic has many needs including development of its outreach program, training of staff, medicines, and infrastructure improvements.
  • The Synod leadership of the Protestant Church of East Timor.
  • Global Ministries partner churches and organizations in Indonesia. Indonesia is a developing democracy and a pluralistic society where Christianity is a minority religion. Indonesia is also a place where a number of low level conficts continue without public notice: pray especially for the people of West Papua and Aceh.

Global Ministries Partners in East Timor: 

  • Protestant Churches of East Timor (IPTL): represents the Reform Churches presence in a predominantly Roman Catholic country in Southeast Asia.

Global Ministries Missionaries in East Timor:

  • Tom Liddle, a member of Peace United Church of Christ, Duluth, Minnesota, serves with the Protestant Church of East Timor (IPTL). He works as a facilitator in the IPTL's program for strengthening congregations and continuing education of pastors.
  • Monica Liddle, a member of Peace United Church of Christ, Duluth, Minnesota, serves with the Protestant Church of East Timor (IPTL). She works as a medical doctor in the clinic in Same, which is run by the FUSONA, the relief and development wing of the IPTL. Monica's appointment is supported by One Great Hour of Sharing (OGHS).
  • Carlos Madrazo, a member of Bethany United Church of Christ, Seattle, Washington, serves the Protestant Church of East Timor (IPTL). He works as an adviser on institutional capacity building, resources and curriculum development with ITPL and its two related foundations - Foundasaun Didache (for the Lisa Dila Vocational High School) and Foundation Social Naroman (engaged in releif and development).

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