Pray & Praise

Pray & Praise

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition,

with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.  (Philippians 4:6)

Praise the LORD.  Praise the LORD, O my soul.  (Psalm 146:1)

PRAY — for our Friends of God group as we prepare to visit a Scripture Union group next month at Mopeli High School up in the mountains!  The Mopeli group feels rather isolated being so far away from other schools and is excited to know about our upcoming visit.  May both groups be mutually encouraged as they share the Word of God and enjoy Christian fellowship.

PRAISE — for the healing of Palesa, a primary school teacher who is involved with Scripture Union in our local district.  Back in May, when we visited her, Palesa was bedridden with heart problems, unable to walk and diagnosed with a tumor in her womb.  Now, thanks to God’s mercy and healing power, she is fully recovered.  All her doctor could say was, “Your god must be very powerful.”

PRAY — for Mrs. Lechaka, a high school teacher who is need of stronger faith.  At our last SU leaders meeting, as Palesa and others gave testimonies of God’s power and goodness, she felt a bit lost as her faith seemed so small in comparison.  May she grow in her faith and understanding of God and his Son and our Savior Jesus.

PRAISE — for the many recent graduates from the National University of Lesotho and other institutions of higher learning who are former students of Masitise High School.  Some of them received special honors and awards.  Some are now teaching here at Masitise.

PRAY — for good rains as we are now in spring and farmers are busy preparing their fields.  The Lesotho Meteorological Service has forecast below normal rainfall and above normal temperatures for much of the country during the upcoming growing season.  Already the temperatures are high and hot, dry winds are a regular feature nearly every day.  Very little rain has fallen in recent months.  Join together with the churches in Lesotho in praying to God to send forth showers of blessing.   

PRAISE— for the wonderful group of youth attending the Sunday afternoon Friends of God meetings.  There is a strong core group that attends regularly and is growing in faith and maturity.

PRAY — for our Form C and E students who are writing their national exams during the months of October and November.  How well they perform will determine if they are admitted to Form D next year or to a post-high school institution of learning. 

PRAISE & PRAY — for the upcoming 175th anniversary celebrations of the Lesotho Evangelical Church which will be held on the 25-26th of October.  Pray for safe travels for Rev. Dr. Howard Goodrich and his daughter, Rev. Darla Glynn, who are coming for this event to represent Global Ministries.  Howard and his wife Darlene served as missionaries in Lesotho during 1991-92. 

Yours in Christ,

Mark Behle

Mark Behle is a missionary with the Lesotho Evangelical Church.  He is a Mathematics teacher at Masitise High School, Lesotho.