Prayers for the 10th Anniversary of the Fukushima Disaster

Prayers for the 10th Anniversary of the Fukushima Disaster

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A Prayer for March 11

by Jeffrey Mensendiek, Mission Co-Worker

God of compassion and grace,
Today, we join our hearts in remembrance of what happened ten years ago, when the large earthquake struck northeastern Japan, a devastating tsunami followed, and then the nuclear reactors exploded. Not only were lives lost, whole villages destroyed and livelihoods uprooted, but we all held our breath to see what the true cost would be for the planet and for all of your creation. God have mercy upon us.

God who comforts the downtrodden,
We remember with sadness the more than 18,000 lives lost.
Comfort those who mourn the loss of loved ones.
Have compassion on those who are trying to rebuild their lives.
Give strength to those who struggle with the dark night of the soul.
Bless those who stand by their neighbor in the spirit of accompaniment.
Protect those who are involved in the national clean-up and rebuilding efforts.
Sustain those who continue to strive for justice, to ensure that all are treated with the dignity that they deserve.
Be with those who are stigmatized by the word FUKUSHIMA, as if the problem belonged to them rather than to “civilization” as a whole.

Creator and ever-creating God,
As we join in solidarity with those who suffer in Japan, open our minds and hearts to the ways of your righteousness. When we continue to contaminate the planet, to place the economy before human health, and to push the waste of today on the generations of tomorrow, we fail to do what is right and moral. The Apostle Paul has said it well. “For I do not do what I want, but I do the very thing I hate.” (Rom 7:15) Forgive us for our self-serving ways. Create in us a new heart so that we can place our trust in your ways that lead to life and security for all. Grant us the courage to face the truth. Give us the humility to repent, and to walk as you would have us walk…gently on this earth.

A Liturgy for the Fukushima Anniversary

Adapted from a prayer by Rev. Motomu Ishida, Nichigo (Japanese language) Pastor, Sycamore Congregational UCC

Dear God who is the creator of all things, we are about to enter another March 11th. On this day we remember the huge earthquake that happened 10 years ago off the northeast coast of Japan, when many lives were lost due to the Tsunami, and so many lost belongings that were irreplaceable.

Comforter God, be with those who lost loved ones and livelihoods in the flood waters that day.

In addition, the terrible accident at the Fukushima nuclear power plant caused irreparable harm that is still felt to this day. We remember the great sorrows and pain caused through this unprecedented tragedy. Some areas are still suffering from the earthquake, and have not been restored.

God of grace, we ask your blessing on those whose lives were shattered in the earthquake and still experience brokenness.

Many people are still in pain, and their souls have not been treated enough to recover from it. As this becomes a past event for some people and forgotten by new generations, let us be the ones who will remember this tragedy forever,

Restorer God, heal those who remain sick from the pain and the radiation that remains in the air, land, and water to this day.

Be with those people who are still in pain and in sorrow. Surround us with the light of hope for those who are still suffering and are having difficulty.

O God, hear our prayers and our wishes. In the name of the Jesus Christ we pray, Amen.