Prayers for Families, the Government and People of Poland

Prayers for Families, the Government and People of Poland

Dear friends:

You have heard the news of the huge and tragic loss of over half of Poland’s top leadership. This has been a devastating blow and a very politically charged one.

We can only witness and imagine the deep anger and sorrow for the past that already greeted April 10, the 70th anniversary of the Katyn massacre of 20,000 Polish nobles, intellectuals, and others. Russia already was being viewed with blame and sometimes even hatred as a result of their responsibility
for the massacre. The 2010 event was to help bind up deep and longstanding wounds. Poles and Russians were hoping to commemorate the tragedy with compassion and dignity.

Then the crash. Instead of binding wounds and opening hearts, this day will add another grim chapter to Katyn history and remembrance.

There are too many ironies to mention. At the last minute, President Lech Kaczynski generously invited many of his closest friends and advisors to come join him on the plane and witness the great and important moment in history. As a result, every single journalist was bumped to another flight to make room for the dignitaries.

The most important thing is to hold up in prayer the families of the deceased, Poles at home and abroad, and those surviving and acting in the Polish government. There is to be a full week of mourning. The churches and town squares already are packed with mourners. Vigils will continue throughout the night. The most commonly heard expression is: “Dlacego?” “Why?”

Hearts are heavy and in need of God’s healing. Please pray that the Great Consoler will bring peace to the troubled and will enliven minds with hope and hearts with peace, even in the midst of these trying days.

Thank you for your special prayers for Poland in your services on April 11. God’s love and grace continues even in the darkest hours.

Liz and Doug Searles
Global Ministries missionaries in Lodz, Poland