Prayers for the World

Prayers for the World

(This prayer was delivered at NY Metro Association Spring Gathering. It was inspired by Allie Perry’s prayer.)

We celebrate, Creator God this diverse world you have created—
its lands and its peoples.
We give thanks for your gift of trust in us
to preserve, conserve, and take care of it
and offer all the hospitality you have already given us.

We lift up your mission co-workers and our partners
in Global Ministries.
We are thankful for their critical presence.
We ask that you accompany them as they accompany others.

Merciful God,
we pray your strong and loving presence
to console those who mourn,
to protect those who are fleeing for their lives,
to shelter those who fear deportation or the demolition of their homes,
to feed those who are hungry and freedom for those who hunger for justice.

Liberating God,
help us to break down the dividing walls of hostility
that separate us from each other and You.
Bless us as we seek to follow the Way of Jesus
by resisting the oppressive tactics of empire,
by refusing to hate or hurt
by showing love and proclaiming
Your good news of liberation for all.

Embolden us in such a time as this
to do justice, seek kindness, and walk
humbly with You. Amen.