Bicycles for Pastors in Kenya



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Kenya is recognized as the home of some of Africa’s most beautiful and best preserved game reserves. Yet, the human suffering in Kenya is not as well known. With one of the world’s fastest growing populations, Kenya is struggling under poverty, political strife, and massive urbanization. In the midst of these difficulties, Global Ministries partners minister to both body and soul. The National Council of Churches of Kenya is the world’s largest council of churches, providing grass-roots development projects throughout the country. The Presbyterian Church of East Africa maintains a network of the best health facilities and educational institutions in the country. Global Ministries also relates to two partner organizations that deal with problems throughout Africa. They are the All Africa Conference of Churches, Africa’s regional ecumenical body, and the Project for Christian Muslim Relations in Africa, which specializes in promoting good understanding between adherents of Africa’s two mission-implanted faiths.

Most clergy in Africa are unable to afford the purchase and upkeep of a vehicle. Yet each pastor or evangelist might serve several preaching points or small churches. Urgent requests come for bicycles for pastors in Kenya, in order for them to reach their churches more quickly than they do on foot. Each pastor of the Presbyterian Church of East Africa in Kenya attends six rural congregations or preaching points on average. Each gift of $200 will provide a bicycle for a pastor serving in rural Kenya.

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