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Kgolagano College is the only ecumenical learning institution in Botswana.  Established in 1975 to provide theological education and training for its member churches, it serves a diverse group of stakeholders which include mainline churches, a number of African Independent Churches, and Christian organizations. It has a broad curriculum that addresses contemporary challenges in society such as HIV/AIDS, children’s ministry and preschool education, and pastoral counseling. No other theological institution or public institution, for that matter, in Botswana offers similar programs and to such a wide range of stakeholders.

Kgolagano College offers certificate and diploma programs in Theology by distance and a number of short, residential courses for lay leaders. Its graduates serve member churches as priests, deacons, lay priests, Sunday School teachers, and church leaders. The majority of the students who enroll in these programs are supported by member churches.  

The library at Kgolagano College is important to the education offered by the college. However, the library is in need of some significant help. There are currently about 5,000 books. Some books are more up-to-date or in better condition than others. Coverage of subject areas varies. For example, the library is in great need of books on preaching and Christian education but has a better selection of books on pastoral counseling.

In many instances, there may be one copy of a specific title or on a specific subject but only having one source is very limiting when considering the needs of an entire class. In addition to updating and broadening the collection, an enhanced library will also include multiple copies of select titles.

The library also needs personnel. Currently, there is no librarian. In addition to the day to day management of the library, the College is in the process of cataloging all of the books. Of the 5,000 volumes in the library’s collection, approximately half have been cataloged.

  • $20 can cover the cost of an average book
  • $100 could purchase multiple copies of a book so it can be used in the curriculum

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