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The Evangelical Congregational Church of Angola
Huambo, Angola

The Evangelical Congregational Church in Angola (IECA) is a longstanding partner of Global Ministries. The IECA was founded in 1880 in the Chilume Mission, Bailundo, Huambo Province. Since the earliest days of its existence, IECA has paid great attention to social development. Improvements have been made in the lives of many people through projects of rehabilitation, training, literacy, health, peace, and reconciliation. Such improvements have helped the lives of many and have been beneficial in building relationships between various groups of the church’s people.

Angola was ravaged by a 27-year civil war, which has devastated its people. They are suffering from extreme poverty, malnutrition, disease, and hunger. Huambo is the Province of Angola that has suffered the most devastation from the war. The critical social, political, and economic situation creates an environment that foments violence and injustice. Families returning to Angola, especially to Huambo Province after so many years of exile are encountering problems reintegrating into Angola’s society.

The IECA’s Peace and Reconciliation Program strives to peacefully help resolve the internal conflicts of parts of Angolan society. One of the projects of the peace and reconciliation program is a series of five seminars and eleven conferences that educate the community about human rights, discusses strategies toward the disarming of civilians, and teaches conflict resolution skills. In addition, the IECA wants to have training sessions for human rights activists with theater and music as part of the training. 

One result of these events is the creation of information bulletins about current problems facing society. The IECA feels that an expanded peace and reconciliation program will help the people of Angola adjust to a post-war society. The goals of the program are to reduce the violence in Angola, nurture the spirits of Angola’s people and start to reunite Angola’s society.

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