GMIT’s Church Leadership Development project

gmit1.jpgThe Evangelical Christian Church in Timor (GMIT) is the second largest Protestant church in Indonesia with approximately 1.5 million members. GMIT has about 2,000 congregations in 46 presbyteries, with around 1,500 pastors to serve the growing community. The majority of GMIT’s members are subsistence farmers who live in villages that have been suffering from poor access to educational and health services, as well as undeveloped transportation, communication, and energy systems. GMIT rejoices in its unique ability to participate in God’s mission on behalf of peace, justice, and integrity.

In April 2019, GMIT held its elections for the moderators of its 46 presbyteries and for new synod leadership. GMIT is looking for opportunities to strengthen the abilities of its pastors to facilitate emergency/disaster preparedness and relief, in addition to training the new presbytery leadership in church management and administration.

gmit2.jpgSince 2015, GMIT has focused on addressing natural disasters, the HIV/AIDS epidemic, and human trafficking through its Natural and Humanitarian Disaster Response Program. Working closely with several teams of volunteers, GMIT’s Disaster Response has strengthened the synod-level structure for disaster response as well as provided materials and support to various presbyteries, bringing relief to those affected in their local communities. This year, they are working to develop Standard Operating Procedures to address these wider issues that will provide better training material and resources for local churches.

GMIT believes that church management is a ministry. In October 2019, GMIT’s 46 presbyteries will be holding assemblies to elect new leadership prior to the GMIT’s Quadrennial Assembly. GMIT is offering a seminar and workshops to help prepare elected presbytery leaders for their new positions and full participation in their Quadrennial Assembly.

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