Mt. Selinda Hospital of the UCCZ

Global Ministries has been walking with the United Church of Christ in Zimbabwe (UCCZ) since its founding in 1893. Today, the UCCZ is responsible for many ministries, including schools, children’s homes, hospitals, and health programs in the country.

MtSelindadoctors.jpgMt. Selinda Hospital is one of the first ministries set up through the United Church of Christ in Zimbabwe. Mt. Selinda Hospital offers a variety of healthcare services and procedures for those living in the region.

Mt. Selinda Hospital continues to face a critical shortage of medical doctors to serve in its different hospital departments. Through seeking ways to incentivize young physicians, Mt. Selinda Hospital and other UCCZ hospitals offer additional pay for physicans, which would provide an increased salary from what the Zimbabwean government provides. The UCCZ continues to welcome support to offer better salaries for physicians at Mt. Selinda Hospital in order to retain doctors and to attract new doctors.

In addition to physician salaries, the hospital is raising funds for a new ambulance. The hospital’s ambulance can no longer be used since the vehicle does not change gears correctly and could put patients in danger. The church has determined it best to replace the vehicle, due to the age of the vehicle, and to search for a new ambulance.

The third priority of the hospital is to improve accommodations for medical staff on the hospital grounds. Currently, the hospital cannot provide accommodations for all staff members, and now several staff members are renting homes in Chako, the nearby village. The church has made plans to refurbish current accommodations and construct new homes for Mt. Selinda medical staff.

Global Ministries welcomes gifts for Mt. Selinda Hospital of the United Church of Christ in Zimbabwe.

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