St. Andrew’s Tumaini Children’s Home


The Presbyterian Church of East Africa (PCEA) is a longstanding partner of Global Ministries and was founded in 1891. The PCEA Women’s Guild is a fellowship composed of PCEA women who have a calling to help the less privileged. They are involved in projects to serve the mentally and physically handicapped as well as nursery schools and vocational training programs. In 1999 the Woman’s Guild of St. Andrew’s Church, Nairobi, recognized that the HIV/AIDS pandemic was growing at an alarming rate. More and more mothers were becoming HIV positive and then giving birth to HIV positive babies. Many of these babies and children were either abandoned by their families or became orphaned when their parents died.

The Woman’s Guild of St. Andrew’s Church, Nairobi explored opportunities for assisting the less privileged members of the community. Tumaini Home came to be after many years of prayers and visits to homes of former street children, the physically and mentally handicapped, the aged, and the HIV/AIDS positive children. Tumaini means hope in Kiswahili.

St. Andrew’s Parish Tumaini Children’s Home plays a key role in addressing the HIV/AIDS situation in Kenya by providing compassion, hope, and relief to the already infected and affected. The Woman’s Guild will create awareness through PCEA Network.

The home attends to children’s welfare including spiritual nourishment, healthcare, nutrition, and education.

St. Andrew’s Tumaini opened its doors to the first three children in December of 2000. The home is currently a family house with a capacity for nine children. Entry age is three to five years. Two mothers are employed to take care of the home and children. St. Andrew’s Woman’s Guild hopes to expand the program to someday care for over 100 children at a time.

Some examples of what gifts for St. Andrew’s Tumaini Children’s Home can do:

  • $25.00 will assist in buying school supplies for a child
  • $169.12 covers the cost for one child for one month
  • $60,000.00 will equip the already constructed buildings of Phase 1
  • Phase 2 including building and equipping is estimated at $295,000.00.

Support this Ministry

To make a gift for this ministry online or by check use the online donation page.

  • 100% of your gift will be directed to St. Andrew’s Tumaini Children’s Home
  • You will receive updates on the work in this area as they become available
  • Share in the vision of God’s abundant life for all people

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