Global Ministries projects addressing Human Trafficking

Global Ministries projects addressing Human Trafficking

Human trafficking, or trafficking in persons, is one of the world’s largest organized criminal enterprises, somewhere between drugs and guns. Millions are held against their will for slave labor and sex work, including tens of thousands in the US. Half of them are children. Human trafficking is growing because slave labor is profitable and because poverty makes so many vulnerable to exploitation. Global Ministries works with global church and program partners that address human trafficking in their communities.

Current list of Global Ministries church and program partners addressing human trafficking:


Ons Plek, South Africa
Ons Plek offers a home, clothing, education, and support in Cape Town for girls who have left experiences of abuse and neglect.
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Smoked Fish Microcredit Project, Christian Council of Ghana
Through training workshops and a group sharing loans with one another, the Christian Council of Ghana sees the Smoked Fish Microcredit program as part of their larger goal to reduce human trafficking and to reintegrate those coming out of human trafficking into society.
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Latin America and the Caribbean

Caminante, Dominican Republic
Caminante works with children in the Dominican Republic who are at risk of being drawn into prostitution as a result of the culture associated with the tourist economy through educational and recreational activities and raising community awareness of the complexity of this problem.
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House of Hope, Ecumenical Committee for Peace and Justice in Haiti
House of Hope is a program for children who were once working in situations of abuse as domestic servants (“restaveks”) through facilitating the return to their families with social and economic support.
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Southern Asia

Church of North India
The Church of North India has an Anti-Human Trafficking Program that raises awareness in communities throughout North India to identify human trafficking and how to take action. Read more about a recent campaign of the Anti-Human Trafficking Program.
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Empowering Children and Youth, Church of the American Ceylon Mission
The Church of the American Ceylon Mission (CACM) in Sri Lanka provides an outreach and support program for vulnerable minority young adults and children.
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Diocese of Durgapur, Church of North India
The Diocese of Durgapur’s Anti-Human Trafficking Program offers housing, education, medical check-ups, and programs for self expression to children at-risk of being trafficked.
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House of Hope, Evangelical Protestant Church of West Timor (GMIT)
Located in Kupang, Indonesia, House of Hope is a shelter for former victims of human trafficking, providing a safe haven for emotional recovery and assistance with transitioning back to normal life.
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To learn more about current projects addressing human trafficking, please contact the Office of Resource Development at or (317) 713-2555.