Protestant Community of Egypt speaks on the events in Egypt

Protestant Community of Egypt speaks on the events in Egypt

[The Protestant Community of Egypt is an offical institution which represents the interests of the 16 registered Protestant denominations in Egypt.  In response to the events in Egypt, it issued the following statement, published in Arabic in al-Ahram, an Egyptian daily newspaper, on Feb. 2.]

Statement of the Protestant Community of Egypt
On the events taking place in Egypt
February 2, 2011

The Rev. Dr. Andrea Zaki, Vice President (and Acting President) of the Protestant Community of Egypt, issued the following statement on the current situation:

In the course of the serious events that our country is passing through—events that concern the present and future of the nation—the Protestant Community of Egypt appeals to all groups of the great people [of Egypt] to unite, to stand together, and to stand in a single row against any force that attempts to harm Egypt, to undermine its security and safety, to assault its public and private property, and to damage the economy of the country.


In comments on the Egyptian television station, Nile TV on Friday, Feb. 4, Rev. Dr. Zaki supported the right of the people to free expression, and hoped for a peaceful transition period in which revision to constitutional articles 76 (on party participation) and 77 (presidential terms) would be implemented.  He said that the position of the churches is to stay out of politics, but his strong hope is that Egypt would remain a state based on rule of law, one that is secular, and not based on a religious framework.