Rawdat El Zuhur Report

Rawdat El Zuhur Report

June 2009

Morning Prayer At Rawdat

Visitors to Rawdat El Zuhur hear the prayer that the children say early in the morning as they stand in their lines.  The prayer translated from Arabic is printed below.

Teach me your love, Lord

If you give me money don’t take away my happiness

If I was offended by people give me the courage to forgive

If you give me success, keep me humble

If I offended somebody give me the courage to apologize

Story Week

The annual story-reading week at Rawdat El Zuhur was in April.  Teachers, mothers, and children all joined efforts to make the week a successful and enjoyable one.  During the first two days, teachers read stories for all classes and organized activities related to the stories.  Following was mothers’ story telling day for all classes.  Mothers from the PTA (Parents–Teachers Association) read stories to each class. 

In the course of the week the children enjoyed a day in the open air in Ramallah in cooperation with the Tamer Institute.  Activities included painting a mural related to Jerusalem, story telling, and individual painting and drawing of children.

The week ended with an open day that embodied the “city market.” The main gate of the school was decorated symbolizing the Damascus gate in Jerusalem.  The children dressed in typical Jerusalem vendor outfits and used their imaginations to play the role of a typical vendor selling products in the old city of Jerusalem.  Some were merchants, coffee shop owners, and passers-by.  There was even a section of the market that included homemade bakeries, cakes, sweets, and typical Jerusalem ka’ek.  Everything was prepared by the teachers and mothers who got involved.  The day ended with a story teller walking through the market just like in old times and the vendors of shops all followed him with a thirst to hear good stories.

Dabkeh Festival

A group of eight children performed at a Dabkeh festival in Frères College in Jerusalem.  Out of many competing groups Rawdat El Zuhur children received first prize for their outstanding performance.  The children also participated in a festival organized by the Ministry of Education; again the children were honored for their lovely performance.  Rawdat’s Dabkeh group will perform in October 2009 in Washington DC at the annual Fundraising dinner held by ANERA.

Staff Training

In cooperation with the Palestinian Counseling Center a series of sessions were organized for the teachers to discuss classroom issues and behavioral attitudes and the best approach methods. This is a very unique program as the psychologist himself observes classrooms and documents his findings and later on passes on his recommendations.  This has given staff the tools to help a particular child overcome his/her academic slackening or fear of exams, for example.

Congratulations for the 38th group of graduates!

The graduation of 26 students took place in the school’s playground.  The ceremony started with singing the national anthem, followed by a speech from the school principal, Mrs. Salwa Zananiri, who welcomed everybody present and stressed the importance of ethics and education that form the basis of a good society.  Mrs. Zananiri thanked the teachers, PTA, staff, and Rawdat El Zuhur alumni and students for their efforts in making this day special.  The ceremony concluded with the graduates receiving their certificates and gifts.