Recovery and Return

Recovery and Return

Victor and Sara Makari serve the Diyar Consortium in Israel/Palestine.

Wars and rumors of war. The world is on edge. We’ve been reading the headlines, listening to the news, all while watching the frantic bustle of anxious traffic from our normally isolated existence of the past 15 months. Also, during this time, Victor has been recovering from a serious stroke that happened on Christmas morning 2020.

Where does one start in sharing the challenge of this ordeal? The only place to begin is unfathomable, surpassing the abundance of grace, power, and omnipotence of a loving God who holds the world and all that is in it, “including our very selves,” in divine care.

The last 13 months for us have been devoted to Victor’s slow recovery from a stroke that almost turned our lives upside down, while Sara’s life has become that of a full-time caregiver. In this isolated small corner of western Pennsylvania, God’s providence is such that we marvel at His grace in providing the time and quiet necessary for steady recovery for Victor, as well as the necessary support to sustain Sara who has been caring for many of her 93-year-old mother’s needs, too, is a continuing care community nearby. God’s grace is sufficient, and His power is made complete in human weakness. None of the progress Victor has made would have been possible without the accompaniment and encouragement of the United Church of Christ and Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and the prayers of so many of you; to say nothing of access to good health care. Our appreciation knows no bounds.

Our aim and plan, as worked out with Global Ministries, is to return to complete our mission assignment in Israel/Palestine in late March with the fulfillment of our last term. Our agreement is to serve initially for two years and, if current progress continues, we will complete a full term.

We are eager to tie the remaining loose ends here in the U.S. and to commence our journey back to the Holy Land. There will be much to catch up with after such a distracted and long absence from our work context, but it has been helpful to maintain contact, whenever possible, with colleagues on the field while away.

Much has changed while we have been stateside, yet much has remained the same. Israel has a new government, although the policies of the occupation have continued to tighten. The world community is distracted by what is happening in Ukraine and the growing tensions between Russia and the West as well as between China and the West. We pray that the God of peace will grant wisdom to those in power. Meanwhile, we pray that God will use us to be peacemakers in our homes, in our churches, in our communities, and in our nations.


Lord, help us to discern your divine purpose in our calling; to be faithful witnesses to your grace; to live for your honor and glory; to walk in humble and faithful obedience to your call.

In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Victor and Sara Makari serve the Diyar Consortium in Israel/Palestine. Their appointments are made possible by your gifts to Disciples Mission Fund, Our Church’s Wider Mission, and your special gifts.

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