Reflection on the situation in Egypt

Reflection on the situation in Egypt


Yesterday was like a sports crowd after a momentous, come-from-behind victory; the throng in Tahrir Square, Itehadeya Palace  and all over Egypt seemed unable to stop celebrating its success at having overthrown the Egyptian president Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood.

We have all followed the news of Egypt passionately every second since June 30th, 2013. We have witnessed the unprecedented crowds coming out of different provinces in Egypt calling for the step-down of the first elected president after January Revolution. They protested peacefully demanding their rights that the Law and the Constitution have guaranteed them, despite the few incidents of violence that took place. 

The military said earlier it would offer a “road map” for peace if Islamist President Morsi and his opponents failed to heed the will of the people and that the army does not aspire to rule and will not overstep its prescribed role. The military earlier statement’s purpose was to push all parties to find a quick solution to the current crisis.

The military “road map” met a national consensus that responds to the people’s demands. Their ultimatum to feuding politicians to resolve the country’s deadly crisis within 48 hours cannot be seen as a coup and their public position was that a change had been required in response to a democratic uprising by the masses.

CEOSS expresses its total support to this roadmap that was prepared by various political forces and representatives of the Church and Al Azhar as well as youth and women. We believe it is just a new start for January Revolution to achieve the hopes of its people for justice and dignity. 

Let us all rejoice for these unprecedented events taking place in Egypt now and let us all pray that we stay united to contribute to building a new Egypt where all people regardless their affiliations live peacefully. Egypt’s history and fundamental contributions to the human civilization and its pivotal role at all levels can provide us with a strong foundation for building a prosperous future of progress and stability, and restore our regional and international position.

Long Live Egypt!

*Rev. Zaki is the General Director of the Coptic Evangelical Organization for Social Services (CEOSS), one of Global Ministries’ partners.