Reformed Church in Hungary November newsletter

Reformed Church in Hungary November newsletter


Discussing the Hungarian Perspective on World Mission

Rev. Dr. László Gonda has been a member of the Commission on World Mission and Evangelism since 2006 and together with his fellow commisioners, helped develop the new mission statement of the World Council of Churches entitled, Together Towards Life: Mission and Evangelism in Changing Landscapes.

Bishop Bölcskei Met with ArmenianChurch Leaders in Busan

Hungarian Reformed Church AidMedical Team Deployed to the Philippines

A medical team from the Hungarian Reformed Church Aid deloyed to the Philippines on 11 November following the devastation of Typhoon Haiyan in order to deliver medical equipment and 15,000-dollars-worth of aid. The team left Hungary for Tacloban, Leyte, one of the worst hit areas.

Statement of Bishop SzabóConcerning Horthy Statue Unveiling

The statement of Bishop Istvn Szabó (Danubian Church District of the RCH) in relation to the unveiling of the statue of Governor MIklós Horthy at the Budapest Szabadság Square Reformed congregation.

Learning from Roma IntegrationInitiatives in Hungary and Serbia

German politicians traveled to Hungary in October to study existing Roma integration programs, because as the EU continues to expand east, large numbers of Roma are arriving in German, especially Northrhine-Westphalia, for asylum and poverty-related reasons creating major integraton challenges.

Open Dialoge and a New Beginning

Next April,the Reformed Alliance in Germany will hold its annual board meeting in Budapest at the Synod Buildining of the RCH with a focus on open communication regarding specific issues, political and religious, facing Hungary and the RCH.

A New Swiss-Hungarian Co-operationis Born

It is an exciting time for the Reformed Church in Hungary and the Swiss Interchurch Aid. In September, the two organizations took another step together to strengthen their parntership with an agreement that focuses on the RCH’s Roma ministry in Hungary.