Reformed Church in Hungary Newsletter – December 2014

Reformed Church in Hungary Newsletter – December 2014

December Newsletter of the Reformed Church in Hungary

Bitter Christmas in Ukraine

The Christmas of the people living in Sub-Carpathia, Ukraine is shadowed by tension, fear, bitterness and inflation. The war is sstill going on in the Eastern parts of Ukraine and at many Christmas tables the seats of the male members of the family will be empty. Local people would like peace for Christmas.

10th Year Annivesary of the AccraConfession from Hungarian Perspective 

In light of the 10th Annivesary of the Accra Confession, which was adopted by the World Alliance of Reformed Churches’ 24th General Council, we share some of our commentaries on the document that not only highlight our thoughts but also sheds some light on our position on the document.

Election Results Published

All the four church distircts announced the official results of the Elections. In three of the the current leadership was re-elected. In Debrecen the out going Bishop Gusztáv Bölcskei will be succeded by the current rector Károly Fekete. The presiding bishop for the next six year period will be elected on 25th February 2015, at the first meeting of the new General Synod. 

Reformed Church in Romania Fears Potential Precedent in Re-nationalization of Church Property

At an extraordinary Assembly of the Transylvanian Reformed Church District on 29th November, convened in Cluj following a heavily criticized court ruling on the re-nationalization of Székely Mikó High School, the district’s Bishop, Béla Kató, even offered his resignation, which was unanimously rejected by the Assembly members. 

International Guests Attended the RCH Synod

Next April,The Reformed Church in Hungary is always intentional where the maintenace of international ecumenical relationships is concern. It is a tradition for us to ensure that our officially recognised partners are invited to send representatives to out Synod Meetings.