From War to Peace: Iraq and the Church’s Voice

From War to Peace: Iraq and the Church’s Voice

The purpose of the resource is to draw attention to aspects of the war that are not often treated in other places. This resource gives church partners in the Middle East a chance to offer reflections from their perspectives (a number of contributions come from partners); it helps us to learn more about the impact on Iraqis who have been forced from their homes and are now living as refugees or internally displaced and the efforts by Middle Eastern and US churches to address this problem; it gives us a chance to understand the issues of chaplains and soldiers in various stages of their involvement and what can be done in the context of local congregations to offer care for them and for their families; and it offers ideas about advocacy and public policy. In addition, it provides a section on peace and war that delves into the basic issues from theological and biblical points of view.

Editor’s Note

  • Editor’s Note
    The Iraq and Afghanistan wars have continued for several years.  The impacts of these wars on both countries, and on the US, have been quite stark in terms of social, political, and economic effects, as well as the most important, the human.
  • From War to Peace Cover Letter
    Signed by Rev. Sharon Watkins, Rev. John Thomas, Rev. David Vargas, and Rev. Cally Rogers-Witte

The Voices of our Church Partners: Perspectives from the Middle East

The Voice for Those Unheard: Internally Displaced and Refugees

The Voice for our Compatriots: Those serving in the military and their families

Making Our Voices Heard: Advocacy and Public Policy

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