Religious Freedom Pledge Delivered to Congress

Religious Freedom Pledge Delivered to Congress

In an historic event at the Washington National Cathedral on October 23, 2015, over 100 faith leaders from Christian, Jewish, Sikh, and Muslim communities committed to reject and speak out against bigotry, discrimination, harassment, and violence based on religion or belief. Together, they endorsed a Religious Freedom Pledge on the Cathedral steps, and called our elected officials to defend our nation’s bedrock ideals of religious freedom by standing against intolerance and prejudice against any religious community. In the last several months, there has been an alarming amount of discriminatory rhetoric targeting our Muslim neighbors from politicians and others. We must redouble our efforts to build coalitions and dispel ignorance while upholding the United States’ long history of religious freedom (as fraught as it may be).

This Thursday, July 14th, representatives from Shoulder to Shoulder and partner organizations walked the halls of Congress to hand-deliver copies of this Religious Freedom Pledge to our elected Senators and Representatives. That’s five hundred and thirty-five calls to action. Five hundred and thirty-five conversation starters. Five hundred and thirty-five opportunities to strengthen the principles that have guided our country since its founding. 

They will be streaming these visits on Facebook Live and posting throughout the day on the Shoulder to Shoulder Facebook Page and Twitter feed. Follow along with the hashtag #BeyondTolerance. We’ve included sample posts below, and we’ve included some memes that you can share with your own networks. Make an effort to “call in” your elected officials and remind them of the need for a clear commitment to religious freedom.  


America enshrined religious freedom in its founding documents. Let’s live up to that promise. #BeyondTolerance

If any one of us is not free to practice our beliefs, then none of us are. #BeyondTolerance 

We call on public officials to stand up for religious freedom by refraining from bigotry. #BeyondTolerance

To advance religious freedom as a universal human good, we must look not only across the ocean but in our own backyards. #BeyondTolerance

“We cannot remain silent when religious freedom around the world is challenged.” – @AmbSaperstein #BeyondTolerance