Request for Prayers for Sudan Referendum

Request for Prayers for Sudan Referendum

Dear Colleagues,

Happy New Years.

As many of you know the 9th January will make a historic day for Southern Sudan. The writing below will give you details. Please share this with as many people as possible so that prayers will be lifted up for our brothers and sisters in Southern Sudan from all around the world.  Please share with your congregation(s), prayer partner (s) and others. Remember the voting will go on for 7 days starting this coming Sunday. After the voting is over it will take several days to count the votes. I have requested to be a election monitor and I am waiting to hear if I will be accredited.  

Sincerely Yours< 

Phyllis Byrd, GM Missionary and Director Just Communities OAIC  

Please Pray for Sudan – Referendum Prayer Requests:

On January 9th – if all goes to plan – Sudan will hold a referendum vote to decide its future. The referendum is an essential part of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA), signed 6 years ago, which ended 20 years of civil war in which over 2 million died. The people of Southern Sudan will decide whether to remain in a united Sudan or establish their own nation.

This is no small matter – there are huge implications whatever the outcome for everyone living in Sudan. People who have been displaced from home by the war are giving up jobs and returning ahead of the referendum to be with friends and family.

If Sudan splits, a new country will be generated that will need much outside aid, lots of development and our support in prayer. If Sudan remains as one it will face major challenges in uniting the north and south under new federal government, and in helping the South of the country to bring fair government and development in rural areas.

The church has agreed to remain as one church. It will need to support those churches in the north, who will be in an Islamic state, should Sudan decide to split. The resources required to maintain a functioning and growing church in Sudan will not diminish whatever happens at the referendum.

There are huge tensions and expectations on all sides about a likely outcome for Sudan and much political wrangling over power and wealth distribution. There is also much argument over the actual border line between North and South, particularly as much of this runs through rich oil fields. This is could easily become a source of conflict.

Whatever happens, in a country more used to fighting than talking and with so much at stake for all involved there is a huge potential for violence and bloodshed at this time.

Everyone is asking for prayer as the referendum approaches and we need to remain in fellowship with the local churches throughout Sudan and we should look to respond in prayer. Please ask your priests and church intercessors to remember Sudan and the referendum in their public prayers, praying especially for a peaceful outcome. Please remember this event and pray for it yourselves at home, at work, in church and please encourage others to do the same.

Prayer for Sudan at this time of change is very important. Join with us and prayer partners around the globe in supporting our brothers and sisters in Sudan through this time. January 9th has been requested as a day of prayer in Churches across the country, please try to keep that day so that we can pray together.