Videos and DVDs

Videos and DVDs


Beyond the Mirage (2002, 47 minutes)
Includes interviews with Israeli peace activists.  Good introduction.

Checkpoint: The Palestinians After Oslo (1997, 58 minutes)
    Palestinian and Israeli activists document the post-Oslo situation.

Children of Abraham (1998, 34 minutes)
   Documentary about visit of Compassionate Listening group

Coverup: The Attack on the USS Liberty (2001, 50 minutes)
    As seen on the History Channel.

Crossing Kalandia (2003, 52 minutes)
   Video journal of the life of one Palestinian family in the current Intifada.

Crossing the Lines (90 minutes)
   Interviews with 15 prominent Israelis and Palestinians by the Compassionate Listening Project

Dead in the Water (BBC, 2003, 69 minutes)
   Israel’s attack on the USS Liberty in 1967

Dispatches: The Killing Zone (2006, 50 minutes)
  Violence by Israeli forces against international aid workers and reporters in the Gaza Strip.

The Easiest Targets (2007, 10 minutes)
  Various aspects of the occupation including Israel’s policy of strip-searching women and children.

Edward Said’s Jerusalem: In Search of Palestine (2005, 52 minutes)
   Said travels with his son just before the second Intifada.

Frontiers of Hopes and Dreams (2002, 58 minutes)
   Internet connections between children in Daheisha camp and Shatilla and young people meeting at the borders.

Gaza Strip (2001, 74 minutes)
   Journalist covering Israeli army use of gas on population and the funeral of a child killed by a bomb.

The House of God (2001, 42 minutes)
   Documentary of forty-day Israeli seige of the Church of the Nativity.

Imagine… (2005, 15 minutes)
  Palestinian education under Israeli occupation.

Inside God’s Bunker (1995, 40 minutes)
   A small radical sect of Jews shows the open hostility and depth of feeling of both the Arab majority and the entrenched Jewish community.

Islam: Empire of Faith (PBS, 2000, 180 minutes)
    A good introduction to Islam.

Israel: Myths & Propaganda (2008, 58 minutes)
  Ilan Pappe challenges the official Israeli version of the 1948 war. 

Jenin Jenin (2002, 54 minutes)
   The aftermath of the Israeli invasion of Jenin refugee camp.

Jerusalem:An Occupation Set in Stone? (1995, 55 minutes)
    A graphic account of Israel’s plan to uproot the Palestinian presence from Jerusalem.

Jerusalem’s High Cost of Living (2001, 53 minutes)
   The first days of the second Intifada.

The Killing Zone (2003, 50 minutes)
   Filmed just after Rachel Corey’s death and includes others killed at that time.  Juxtaposed with spin by Israeli spokeswomen.

Life in occupied Palestine (2006, 61 minutes)
  A grandaughter of a Holocaust refugee apeaks about occupation.

The Longing (2001, 15 minutes)
   Based on oral history interviews with Palestinians and Jews.

Loss of Liberty (2001, 53 minutes)
   Based on Israel’ attach on the USS Liberty in 1967

Palestine is Still the Issue (2002, 53 minutes)
   Available through

Palestinian Costumes and Embroidery: A Precious Legacy (1990, 38 minutes)
  Palestinian dresses with commentary tracing the designs to Canaanite times.

Peace, Propaganda and the Promised Land (2004, 80 min)
   On U.S. media coverage and how it slants the coverage of Israel/Palestine

People and the Land (2007, 57 minutes)
    A controversial documentary by Tom Hayes for PBS

Rachel: An American Conscience (2004, 94 minutes)
   The story of Rachel Corrie’s death by a bulldozer.

Rana’s Wedding (2002, 90 minutes)
   Normal things like a wedding become humorous episodes next to the reality of roadblocks, soldiers and guns.

Salt of the Earth: Palestinian Christians in the Northern West Bank (2005)
   Series of documentary short films, study guides are available.

Searching for Peace in the Middle East, (2006, 30 minutes)
  A film by Landrum Bolling.

Seeds of War in Jerusalem (1997, 20 minutes)
    The struggle to save the hill of Abu Ghneim and Arab East Jerusalem

Suchaa Normal Thing (2004, 80 minutes)
  American document a “normal” day under military occupation.

This Holy Place (2002, 16 minutes)
   United Church of Christ video to urge Christians to explore issues of peace and justice in the Middle East. (1-800-537-3394)

Waiting for the Light (10 minutes)
   Christian women expressing their feelings about being denied permission to attend Easter celebration in Jerusalem

Walling In Walling Out: A Bethlehem Story (2005, 20 minutes)
   Including an educational kit called “Bethlehem, We Care”

Women in Struggle (2004, 56 minutes)
   Documentary about women political prisoners.

Most videos and DVDs on the Middle East are available either from:
    Americans for Middle East Understanding (AMEU)
    475 Riverside Dr.
    New York. NY 10115
    tel: 212-870-2053; Fax: 212-870-2050

or from:
    American Educational Trust (AET)
    POB 53062
    Washington, DC 20009
    tel: 800-368-5788; Fax: 202-265-4574 

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