Fair Trade Stores

Fair Trade Stores

Many Christian institutions fund and encourage development projects to raise the economic level of refugees and other poor Palestinians.  In addition, these development projects help to keep the culture alive.  Especially when the men cannot find work or are denied permits to enter Israel, the women and children become the only sources of income.  The goods the women (and men) produce are often far superior to the manufactured items available in the markets.  Fair trade stores provide an outlet for these goods.  They give a fair price to the craftsperson and they only sell only high quality crafts in their stores.  In the United States, SERRV shops are the equivalent.

Sunbula (formerly Craftaid) at St. Andrerw’s Hospice 
    1 David Renez St.
    (near the railway station in West Jerusalem)
    POB 8619, Jerusalem
    Tel. and Fax: +972-2-672-1707
    Email: sunbula@palnet.com
    Website: www.sunbula.org

Arab Orthodox Women’s Shop (Melia Centre for Art and Training)
    Freres Street (near New Gate of the Old City)
    Tel. and Fax: +972-2-628-1377

Anat Palestinian Folk and Crafts Center
    Beit Sahour, West Bank
    (near the municipality building)
    Tel.: +972-2-647-2024 and 
    Cell phone: +972-50-224-325

International Center of Bethlehem
   Pius VI Street, Al-Madbassah
   P.O.B. 162
   Bethlehem, West Bank
   Tel.: +972-2-277-0047
   Fax: +972-2-277-0048
   Email: Rkhoury@annadwa.org
   Website: www.annadwa.org

UNRWA Embroidery Shop in Gaza
    Mustafa Hafez St.
    Tel.: +972-7-677-7294/677-73333/282-4508;
    Fax: +972-7-677-7388
    Email: PACE@planet.edu

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