Children’s Moment for World Communion Sunday

Children’s Moment for World Communion Sunday

You are welcome to use the following script for your congregation’s Children’s Moment on World Communion Sunday. There are options for both in-person and virtual worship. Please feel free to make it your own and edit it for your context. This is written to be 2-3 minutes long.
(The photo at the top of the page comes from the Fellowship of Middle East Evangelical Churches.)

Good morning! Today is a special day! Does anyone know what we’re celebrating today?

(If in person, wait for responses. If virtual, just take a moment, imagining that kids might be answering at home.)

Those are some good guesses! Today is actually World Communion Sunday. On this day, most churches in the world have communion. Some churches have communion every Sunday, some churches have communion once a month, and some churches have communion four times a year. This is a Sunday when almost all churches, all over the world, from many different cultures, will have communion.

That’s pretty cool, right? It’s cool to think that while we take communion today, people in churches all over the world are having communion, too! It’s a reminder to us that we are all members of the Christian family.

If in person: I wonder, are there any countries or places you’d like to pray for today? (Give kids time to share – no answer is silly! Any place they mention is great.)

If virtual: Today, I thought it might be good to pray for people in _________. (If your congregation, Region, or Conference has connections with particular countries, this is a great opportunity to lift those up. Otherwise, choose a few places from a few different continents.)

Praying for each other is a great way to care for one another. Let’s pray together. God, thank you so much for World Communion Sunday. Today, we pray especially for our friends in ___________ (list the places the children mentioned or you mentioned). Help us to remember that we are all your children and are loved by you. In Christ’s name we pray, Amen.