God’s Love is Everywhere – VBS Resource

God’s Love is Everywhere – VBS Resource

God’s Love is Everywhere! is a multi-year VBS program, written by a former Global Ministries missionary, which helps children visit a different mission site each day.  The last day of VBS is a study of the local congregation and their mission and outreach projects.  This will need to be personalized for your congregation and town. 

And he said to them, “Go into all the world and proclaim the good news to the whole creation.” Mark 16:15

God’s Love is Everywhere! Guide

Documents for Directors and Leaders

Documents for Children and Parents/Guardians

Argentine Adventure

The basic schedule and decorations can be reused each year and added to as desired.  All materials can be printed out and are ready to use.  They can also be adapted to the special needs of your congregation.  For example, older youth and adults can participate in a program designed for them in which they would “visit” the same countries as the younger students.  The websites for Global Ministries as well as Church World Service have a lot of information, including missionary letters and videos, which will be helpful in sharing the experience with all ages. Have fun as children and adults alike learn more about becoming a Global Mission Church!

Here is what the kids at First Christian Church, Greeley, CO said about their week of VBS using God’s Love is Everywhere:

  • The best part was working really hard at the Food Bank. It felt good to help other people.
  • It was fun tasting new foods, especially croissant rolls with dulce de leche.
  • Making the spinning tops was my favorite thing because I learned that I could make a fun toy out of old CDs and glue bottle tops.
  • The songs were a lot of fun, especially the one from Africa where we used our drums.
  • I liked helping to make the snacks. S’mores were my favorite.
  • I liked learning about different places in the world. I didn’t know there was a Family Village Farm in India where kids and adults without homes could help each other and become a family.
  • The games were awesome!  I especially liked the water park made out of PVC pipe with holes it it.  We could take it apart and put it back together however we wanted and then hook it up to the hose.  I liked getting wet.
  • I liked being able to help the kids in Haiti.  I’d like to meet them.


Carla Ikenouye was the editor, logo designer and web tech expert. Rev. Linda Harding and Rev. Tim Bobbitt helped with curriculum and scripture connections. Jodi Bobbitt initiated the idea and foundation for the project.