Kids-to-Kids Border Project

Kids-to-Kids Border Project

Youth and children can learn more about children and teenagers from Mexico and Central America who have made long journeys to come and live in the United States.


Children and teenagers from Mexico and Central America have come a long way to live in the United States. Detention centers are places where people can stay for a short time while they figure out if they are allowed to live in the U.S. and where the best place is to go once they get permission to stay. Detention centers do not have enough immigration officers, cooks, beds, and other resources to help all these kids at once.

People are trying to do their best to figure out what to do. Jesus tells us to welcome our neighbors and to be creative in hospitality. We think it is important to help the children find a safe place to live here in the U.S. and we want to help.

Youth and children can help with the simple ideas provided in the Kids-to-Kids Border Project.

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