Pray with East Timor, November 19, 2023

Pray with East Timor, November 19, 2023

Lectionary Selection:  Matthew 25:14-30

Prayers for East Timor

Heavenly Lord, we thank you for your endless love and mercy to us as your people. By your love and mercy, we are continually redeemed. Lord, we pray that you continue to bless the country of Timor-Leste and bless its political leaders to make the right decisions for the well-being and prosperity of its people. Lord, we pray that you continue to give wisdom and guidance to the politicians to carry out the goals and vision of the country. We also pray that you put passion and love within the hearts of public servants representing the government, so that they may serve the people with a loving heart and willingness to do work sincerely.

We especially pray for the work and ministry of FUSONA (Fundasaun Sosial Naroman, the diaconal ministry of the Protestant Church in East Timor), which has served the people in rural areas for many years now. Lord, we pray that you continue to bless, guide, and direct the work of FUSONA in carrying out its vision and mission for the rural communities that need your helping hand through FUSONA. We also pray that you continue to bless our brothers and sisters who wholeheartedly support this ministry so generously. Let all the work be done for your glory. In Jesus’ name, we pray, Amen.

Mission Moment from East Timor

The ministry of FUSONA (Fundasaun Sosial Naroman), the diaconal ministry of the Protestant Church in East Timor (IPTL), continues in Lisadila village through education. Before the establishment of the Philadelphia Junior High School in Lisadila in 2007, many students who finished elementary school had to leave their families and stay with relatives or rent housing in nearby towns to continue their studies at the junior high school level. Some could finish their study by moving to the towns, but most could not. Those who decided to stay in their village and attend junior high school had to walk more than 10 kilometers daily. Among those who chose to pursue high school education by walking to school from their villages, only a few could finish their schooling, and many did not as they dropped out over time. With this situation faced by the community in Lisadila, their prayer had been that one day, there would be a junior high school to facilitate their education, and the students would not have to go to far-off places or walk long distances every day. The students’ families would not have to spend extra money on their children’s education. In 2002, Global Ministries volunteers Rev. James and Sharon Moos visited the church in Lisadila and met with the community to discuss the situation in the village. Community members requested a partnership to establish a junior high school. On their return to the U.S., they raised funds that were sent to FUSONA through Global Ministries. The funds were used for the construction of the Lisadila School and the support of volunteer teachers. FUSONA very much acknowledges all the support that has been raised through Global Ministries. The support has made a lot of changes in the students’ lives. Some of them are now working with the government, some are with NGOs, and some have become teachers, and are flourishing in many other avenues of life.

Prayer and Mission Moment written by Mr. Julio Martins da Costa, the Executive Director of FUSONA (Fundasaun Sosial Naroman), the social service ministry of the Protestant Church in East Timor (IPTL).

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