Pray with Ecuador, February 25, 2024

Pray with Ecuador, February 25, 2024

Lectionary Selection: Psalm 22:23-31

Prayers for Ecuador

We begin our prayers by saying THANK YOU, GOD, YUPAYCHANI, for all our blessings, the gift of life, and the activities at FEDICE.

We pray that FEDICE, the Ecumenical Foundation for Integral Development, Capacity Building, and Education, even within this entire situation of insecurity and unrest that our country is experiencing, can continue working with people in the communities.

We ask for prayers for peace in Ecuador so that we move forward with FAITH, JOY, and HOPE.

Our Lord and Savior, we praise you, glorify you, and put our lives, the work, and the dreams of our colleagues in your hands.

In times like the ones we live in Ecuador, we pray for all Ecuadorians, especially for the communities’ families, humble people, workers, and fighters. We pray for their lives and projects that are the daily sustenance for their families and homes.

We thank and pray for the people who are part of this MINGA with FEDICE, for all the brothers and sisters who, from near or far, speak Spanish, English, and Kichwa, and show us their love and faith. We recognize ourselves as neighbors, brothers, and sisters in Christ.

We will continue working together to realize the kingdom of God. AMEN.

Mission Moment from Ecuador

“WIÑAY MASHIKUNA” (women growing up) is a group of 10 families from the community of Gualacata, Otavalo.

The group began as a response to the difficulties they faced due to the COVID-19 pandemic. They organized to carry out small businesses to seek economic income in these difficult times. At first, they had problems meeting in person due to the pandemic and the fear of becoming infected.

After two years of the pandemic, already vaccinated and knowing how to live with this disease, they asked FEDICE to support them in their agriculture projects, raising small animals and a community fund.

María Encarnación Inlago, who is one of the members of the group, gives her testimony:

“The first project was raising a bull. For the second project, I bought an oven since another of my activities is making bread that I sell in the community and nearby places. Before, I worked in a small oven where I prepared 35 loaves. Now, with the help of FEDICE, I have bought a larger oven to prepare 100 loaves.

The oven cost me $700, the FEDICE credit was $500. I had to complete the value, but this will help me continue my business, increase my production, and generate more income for my family.

“I am thrilled with this oven. I will continue forward and ask you to continue supporting the ventures of indigenous women.”

Written by Blanca Puma, Executive Director FEDICE, Ecuador

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