Pray with Japan, June 27, 2021

Pray with Japan, June 27, 2021

Lectionary Selection:  Mark 5:21-43

Prayers for Japan  

God, we come to you at this time, asking for help to keep our faith strong during this pandemic. We pray for the many countries including Japan where the virus continues to spread and people are still living in fear. We ask for your healing and assurance during this time of anxiety. We know that this is an especially difficult time for those who are facing health challenges, those who are separated from family or feeling lonely and so we ask for your healing presence. We pray for the leaders, for courage in making wiser decisions during this difficult time. Be with the churches, especially the pastors, who continue to preach the gospel of hope and offer a hand when needed. Help each one of us to remember those who suffer, to share our resources so that our world will move together toward healing and peace. Keep us strong in faith and open to the healing that you offer each of us.

In Christ’s name, we pray,

Mission Stewardship Moment from Japan

This spring, the Bazaar Café garden has had some renovations as well as signs of new life! We rebuilt our outdoor deck, the entryway, and also the old shed – all of which were badly in need of repair. The entryway is now much easier for wheelchairs and safer in the rain. These renovations were funded by our three-way partnership with Global Ministries, the Kyoto Conference of the UCC in Japan, and the Bazaar Café. We give thanks for this cooperative relationship through which, jointly, we are able to continue this coffee house ministry in Kyoto. We also planted a maple tree in memory of Teruko Enomoto, pastor and founder of the Café, who passed away 3 years ago. The maple symbolizes the ties Teruko had with Canada, where she studied pastoral counseling and was inspired to start her ministry with HIV-positive persons in Japan. For many people, coming to the Café brings back memories of Teruko, the fun of conversations with her, the helpful advice and encouragement she offered. Her memory still inspires all of us to continue the ministry she started. The maple tree will be one more physical “place” to remember and to be inspired. We hope that as this maple seedling grows, the Bazaar Café will continue to grow in providing a safe place for people to meet and being a nurturing community for one another.

Prayer and Mission Moment by Martha Mensendiek

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Global Ministries Mission Co-worker in Japan:
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