Pray with Morocco, January 23, 2022

Pray with Morocco, January 23, 2022

Lectionary Selection:  Luke 4:14-21 Ecumenical Sunday

Prayers for Morocco

Dear God,

We thank you for the gift of time. We begin this year with grateful hearts and humble desires. Through the past year, you have been our protection, provision, joy, comfort, and peace. As we look forward, we stand assured in your living Word and anchored in your steadfast promises.

We thank you for the gift of leadership. As we pray for the leaders of this beautiful country who had managed to keep us safe during this pandemic, we also pray for the leaders all over the world who are facing hard times and challenges. Give them wisdom, love, and compassion so they can be shepherds after your own hearts for their people.

We thank you for the gift of freedom. In you we are free, please help us to take part in your liberation work in your creation. You have started this good work in us, through us, and with us. We are persuaded that you will finish it.

As we are moving forward, let us experience your mercy and favor in our family, community, country, and in all aspects of our lives. Let your Spirit empower us to be your prophets in these troubled times. Give us strength and courage to be messengers of the good news.


Mission Stewardship Moment from Morocco

For the past four years, my spouse Emmanuela and I have been serving the Evangelical Church in Morocco as Mission Co-workers on behalf of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and United Church of Christ, through Global Ministries. We have witnessed the goodness of the Lord in various ways. We have seen the poor being fed, the strangers being welcomed and sheltered, the captives being released through the work and ministry of the church.

In the month of April 2021, 68 foreign students faced a difficult situation that could lead to their deportation. They were victims of local landlords who did not want to renew or give them housing contracts, necessary to renew their expired student visas. Without a valid visa they become illegal, they cannot do anything, and they are subject to deportation. They felt powerless and trapped.

Five of them were already held in custody at the police station in Oujda (the city where we live and serve), and the rest of them were on a wanted list. They reached out to the church for assistance. We met all of them and filed a petition; we went and met some landlords, and we went to the court to present the case. Fortunately, the judge was very clement, he helped us straighten out the case and called the chief of police, who then met us to clarify the situation.

All the 68 have been cleared and released. Some landlords accepted to renew their contracts, and we have found new ones who helped us. This was a big win for the church and the community in Oujda. After that, to show their gratitude, the concerned students brought food and other material goods to help assist the migrants. This was such a moment for all of us.

Every day people are facing discrimination in all the corners of this country and other parts of the world. We thank God that we were able to make a difference in the lives of these 68 young men and women. And they have in turn been a blessing for others. All of this is possible because we are part of a great church that has decided to answer the call of the Lord to bring the good news to the poor, to release the captives and to let the oppressed go free.

May God bless us all and let us continue to be the Church.

Thank you.

Prayer and Mission Moment by Fritz Gerald Joseph

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