Pray with Sierra Leone, February 11, 2024

Pray with Sierra Leone, February 11, 2024

Lectionary Selection:  Mark 9:2-9

Prayers for Sierra Leone  


We can get so engaged in our worship and enjoy the thrill of it. We feel the personal emotional encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ and are lifted in the spirit that we do not want to let go of that experience. That was the situation with Peter, which led him to demand a continuum – he wanted the experience to stay permanently – to become the reality of their time. Worship is not about the ‘fine inside feelings’ we enjoy at the time. Like Jesus and the disciples, we must descend the mountain and face the reality of life. The multitude waited for healing. I love paraphrasing one of the verses of Samuel Creg’s hymn, “Stay, Master, stay upon this heavenly hill…”

…“no!” saith the Lord, the hour is past, we go,  
Our home, our life, our duties lie below.
While here we kneel upon the mount of prayer,
The plough lies waiting in the furrow there!
Here we sought God that we might know his will,
There we must do it, serve him still.

Prayer for Sierra Leone

Let us pray for the nation of Sierra Leone as the people go through anxious times associated with the tension that emerged from elections conducted in 2023, followed by an alleged attempted coup d’état and the subsequent ongoing judicial processes.

We pray for justice, peace, unity, and prosperity in the nation of Sierra Leone, dear God, that peace that is derived from you and flows from justice, truth, and freedom. We pray for our President, the Cabinet, the Parliament, and the Judiciary that they may govern the nation justly and in righteousness.  AMEN.

Prayer for the Council of Churches in Sierra Leone (CCSL)

Let us pray for the Council of Churches in Sierra Leone (CCSL) as we celebrate the centenary of our ecumenical instrument that holds twenty-four member churches and nine affiliated bodies in unity as they seek to carry out God’s mission.

God, our parent, we hold before you our national council, the CCSL, founded a hundred years ago through your inspiration. We remember all who served the nation through our council and continually worship you in the Church celestial.

We pray for each member-church of Council in their mission engagement and as we seek to reflect your gift of unity. Enable us, Lord, to continually be instruments of your love and grace as true ambassadors of reconciliation and peace. AMEN.

Prayer for Our Partners

We pray for our partners at Global Ministries of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and the United Christian Church. May they continue to be guided and blessed in their endeavors as they spread your word and fulfill your mission across the globe. Strengthen their efforts, Lord, as they serve and represent you. AMEN.

Mission Moment from Sierra Leone
Empowering Women in Leadership Roles

Supporting women to lead is crucial in Sierra Leone’s diverse religious landscape. The Council of Churches in Sierra Leone (CCSL) has been working hard to remove barriers that have limited women’s leadership roles, especially in the religious community. This effort has made a significant impact on our society.

As the General Secretary of CCSL and a passionate advocate for empowering women and young people, I’ve seen first-hand how leadership can change lives in Sierra Leone. By encouraging women to take on leadership roles, the Council challenges traditional beliefs, allowing women to influence important decisions that affect our communities. Our commitment to embracing differences and including everyone has positively changed our work areas.

Our Council is dedicated to pushing boundaries and ensuring that more women have key roles in decision-making, particularly within the religious community. My position as a young woman serving as the General Secretary showcases our commitment to giving diverse voices a platform. It’s not just about symbolism; it’s about making real changes that benefit everyone in our society.

The Impact of Change

Our approach to empowerment extends beyond church administration boundaries into our communities. Rugiatu’s journey exemplifies this shift—a determined entrepreneur whose aspirations took flight through the Village Savings and Loan Scheme (VSLS), a program supported by Global Ministries in her rural village.

The VSLS opened doors for Rugiatu and many others, empowering them toward economic independence. By providing crucial training and mentorship, we’ve enabled women to turn their dreams into thriving enterprises, creating a ripple effect of economic vitality in their localities.

Youth, Peace, and Women’s Leadership

Engaging youth in fostering peace during elections became a focal point of our initiatives. Dialogues led by female clergy played a pivotal role in diffusing tensions and directing youthful energies positively. Seeing tangible reductions in conflicts and the emergence of unity among the younger generation solidifies the pivotal role of women’s leadership in peace-building efforts.

Equipping Women for Influence and Inclusivity

Our grassroots efforts to educate and empower women across communities have redefined their involvement in decision-making. Workshops in Binkolo equipped women with essential skills, enabling active engagement in local elections. Leveraging technology through user-friendly mobile apps ensured broader access to crucial electoral information, resulting in higher voter turnout and a more inclusive electoral landscape.

Forging Ahead

Our commitment to empowering women at every level has transformed Sierra Leone. As a young woman leading within the Council, I stand in solidarity with our mission to expand the horizons for women leaders across various domains. This journey towards inclusivity and empowerment isn’t just a goal; it’s a testament to our unwavering dedication to building a stronger, more equitable society for all.

Written by Mrs. Keziah Kargbo, General Secretary, Council of Churches in Sierra Leone

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