Pray for Argentina and Paraguay on Sunday, June 14, 2015

Pray for Argentina and Paraguay on Sunday, June 14, 2015

2015_june_argentina_paraguay_01.jpegLectionary Selection: Mark 4:26-34

Prayers for Argentina/Paraguay:
Thank you, God of life, truth and justice, we all honor and praise you. Thank you for the opportunity you give us to serve, to love and be supportive of these two peoples who have their own realities and idiosyncrasies. Thank you for the privilege of proclaiming Your Word on the experiences of everyday life in Buenos Aires in Argentina and Chaco in Paraguay, on the different places where you have allowed us to be. Thank God for the missionaries from the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and the United Church of Christ that preceded us 106 years ago in Argentina and 95 years in Paraguay; who sowed the seed of the Gospel, solidarity and love. Thank you that there was a faithful people who believed in the mission project and germinated seed and has borne fruit, and today we continue to see your intervention between them.

Lord, help us to be a blessing and to serve within diversity. Give us your wisdom at all times for the Round Table in Argentina and Paraguay as it continues to provide support and assistance to the churches and fraternal institutions. These people need men and women who accept the call to the ministry. They need pastors who continue sowing the seed of the gospel. Today we pray for a people who still need you and Global Ministries for the seed of hope and new possibilities still proclaimed. For this and more we pray, Dear Lord. Amen.

2015_june_argentina_paraguay_02.jpegMission Stewardship Moment from Argentina/Paraguay:
God has given us the privilege of accompanying the Disciples of Christ Church, Tablada, Buenos Aires, Argentina. There is a “Children’s Corner,” which is a meeting place with for those in need, in solidarity and hope. It is a soccer field which every Saturday, as well as two afternoons a week, becomes the place of refuge for children and youngsters from this community. There we meet them with love, with a smile and a hug with the Pastor, two sisters of the Church and a young seminarian. It is our intention that these boys feel loved, accepted, allowing them to dream and to live in hope.

Every Saturday, twenty-five (25) children come with the joy and cacophony that characterizes them, some with their tennis shoes torn, broken glasses and damaged clothes. They are youngsters who are facing serious conflicts in their homes and community, so the Church becomes a place of refuge and a beacon of light, which opens its doors to welcome them. They are served a simple breakfast, accompanied by Christian education, arts and the awaited moment of football. Part of the expense is covered through a fair where used clothing is sold. What do they need? They need helping hands, human and financial resources, our prayers, support and assistance. The work is accompanied by the care of God, which enables us, in addition to reaching out to other congregations in Argentina and Paraguay, to accompany them through Leadership Workshops for youth, preaching to the laity about deepening our Christian faith and identity, plus encounters with women. Knowing that the mission can only be accomplished with faith and commitment, we recognize that church growth is not dependent on us, but in the saving power of God who is active among us. “Que así nos ayude Dios” (May God help us).

(Mission Moment by Rev. Amelia I. Casillas and Pedro A. Carlo)

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Amelia Casillas and Pedro Carlo Muniz are members of Iglesia Discipulos de Condado Moderno, Caguas, Puerto Rico and serve as Mission Development consultants with the Round Table for Mission Development of the Disciples of Christ Church in Argentina and the Disciples of Christ Church in Paraguay.