Pray for Chile on Sunday December 19, 2010

Pray for Chile on Sunday December 19, 2010

Prayers for Chile: Luke 2:1-20

Expectation is in the air!  The humble birth of the Christ child, the angels announcement to the shepherds, and the experiences treasured in Mary’s heart speak to the spirit of expectation that calls us to believe that the promised Prince of Peace is at work within us and among us.  Oh Lord, drag us from our places of complacent comfort, as you sent Joseph and Mary to a manger in Bethlehem, to reach out in faithful expectation with the security of your love, respecting the sanctity of all your creation, and rejoicing in the surprises you have prepared for us along the way.   In the midst of tragedy, destruction, pain and tears, wash away anxiety and dread and birth in us again the spirit of expectation! 

·         Pray for the people of central Chile, especially women, who are still suffering from the emotional trauma of the Feb. 27th earthquake and tsunami.

·         Pray for the Shalom Center in its trauma healing work with children and young people.  During the 2010 school year, there has been a 60% increase in bullying and violence in Chilean schools.

·         Pray for the Pastors and lay leaders of the Pentecostal Church of Chile, many of whom are experiencing compassion fatigue.

·         Praise the Lord for the resilience of the Chilean people especially manifest in the rescue of the 33 miners and in the earthquake recovery process.

Mission Stewardship Moment from Chile:

I sat down on the curb next to him.  I think he may have been six or seven, his glazed eyes staring out from a dirty mask- like face.  Only three days had passed since February 27th when the fifth largest earthquake in recorded history destroyed this boy´s home in rural Chile.  He didn’t answer when I asked him his name, but he held tightly to a yellow checkered bag that a Sunday school teacher had just given to him.  I suggested that we look inside the bag together, and when he didn’t respond, I gently opened it for him. 

First I pulled out a pencil and asked the boy, “What is this?”  He slowly fixed his eyes on the pencil, but he could not answer me.  “Pencil,” I said and handed it to him.  Then I took up a toothbrush.  I asked the boy, “what is this?”  His blank eyes tried to focus.  “Toothbrush,” I said, and he softly repeated, “toothbrush,” a small glimmer of recognition flitting across his face.  Then I held up a comb, and before I could speak, he stammered, “c-c-c-omb, comb.” “Yes!” I exclaimed, “It is a comb!”  Little by little we worked our way through the bag, and by the time we finished identifying all of the objects, he was smiling and speaking with confidence.

The health and school kits shared with the children in Chile after the disaster are an example of Church at its best.  The school supplies were collected by congregations of the Pentecostal Church of Chile while the health kits travelled with art supplies in suitcases that came from churches all over the United States. We are the Body of Christ sitting patiently on the curb and bringing hope to a little boy with sparkling eyes. 

(Prayer and Mission Moment by Elena Huegel)

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Elena Huegel, a member of Iglesia Cristiana Ebenezer, Los Fresnos, Texas, serves the Pentecostal Church of Chile (IPC). She is an environmental, peace and Christian education specialist at the Shalom Center.

Pray for Partners without Global Ministries Mission Personnel: Argentina

God, we pray for our brothers and sisters in Argentina. We ask specifically for your blessing on the ministry with children at risk of the Disciples of Chrsit in “La Tablada.” and the Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo as they continue their search for the children that were taken away from their parents during the “dirty war” of the late 1970’s. Amen.

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