Pray for Colombia on Sunday, May 26, 2013

Pray for Colombia on Sunday, May 26, 2013

Lectionary Selection: Prov 8:1-4, 22-31

Prayers for Colombia:
Holy God, Today we pray for peace in Colombia. For more than fifty years guerrillas have been fighting with the Colombian government and the violence from both sides has killed tens of thousands and made more than 5 million to flee their homes and become refugees or internally displaced persons. But today we rejoice because the guerrillas and the Colombian government are engaged in official peace dialogues. We pray that the cries of our sisters and brothers in Christ from Colombia be heard. We join with them in calling for your peace and your justice to prevail. We pray that your wisdom and your understanding (Prov. 8, 1) guide the leaders of the Peace Commission of the Evangelical Council of Colombia as they work with those affected by the violence of war, while raising a prophetic voice for peace and justice. We too cry out for all who live (Prov. 8,4)… in Colombia, in the United States and around the world.  Amen

Mission Stewardship Moment from Colombia:
For the past 8 months the Colombian government has been in peace-talks with that South American country’s oldest and largest guerrilla group, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC). While negotiators from both sides have been circumspect with information our Colombian brothers and sisters tell us that they believe progress is being made and they are working hard support this peace process.

Our partner in Colombia, through Global Ministries, is the Peace Commission of the Evangelical Council of Colombia. They represent over 100 different Protestant, Evangelical and Anabaptist denominations in Colombia and work to support the victims of the conflict and churches who are caught in the midst of the ongoing violence.

Later this coming week (May 30-June 9), a delegation from the Central Atlantic and Connecticut Conferences of the United Church of Christ will visit our partners in Colombia. We pray for their safety and courage as they travel with a message of encouragement and hope for our partners in Colombia.

They will also be learning of the ways in which our own country is connected to this conflict. By sending billions of dollars of military aid to the government as well as being the source country for most of the weapons used by the illegal armed groups – guerrillas and paramilitaries… not to mention drugs, which have caused so much damage to our communities, but that also provide funding for all sides of the war in Colombia. May we now join in prayer and active support for peace in Colombia.

(Prayer and Mission Moment by Michael Joseph)

Mission Partner in Colombia:
CEDECOL – Concilio Evangelico de Colombia

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Global Ministries Missionary in Colombia:
Michael Joseph, a member of First Congregational Church, Washington, D.C., serves the Restoration, Life and Peace Commission of the Council of Evangelical Churches (CEDECOL). He provides pastoral critical presence to church leaders and lay people who are living in life-threatening situations.