Pray for Dominican Republic on Sunday, August 4, 2013

Pray for Dominican Republic on Sunday, August 4, 2013

Lectionary Selection: Luke 12:13-21

Prayers for Dominican Republic:
All loving God, we pray for the Dominican Republic and those of us who call it our home. We pray for Caminante Proyecto Educativo (Caminante Educational Project), for staff working day and night and for our children and families of Boca Chica, Santo Domingo. Our children end their day dirty and tired, long after dark – give them rest.

God watch over our children working on the beaches and streets selling sweets and services to tourists for pennies and dimes. Watch over those who walk alone for miles to and from Boca Chica where they work. Keep our children safe from predatory tourists, sexual exploitation, trafficking, gangs, and drug use. Watch over the parents and families who face extreme racism and who live with a lack of documentation, education, and employment. Watch over our families who are the poorest of the poor… living in the shadows of international wealth, fancy hotels, and expensive restaurants.

We pray for all people of the Dominican Republic to care for one another despite differences in nationality, language, culture, religion, or economic status. God be with the poor, the hungry, and the weary. Open our hearts open our eyes as we walk beside our neighbors. Amen.

Mission Stewardship Moment from Dominican Republic:
Your support of Global Ministries is bringing joy to children’s lives. Caminante Summer Camp Program is met with anticipation and excitement months in advance! Camp runs four weeks in six different communities. Our brothers and sisters from the Disciples of Christ, Oklahoma region, here on a group mission trip, joined us for the first week of camp. In our week together along with thirty volunteers and staff we hosted camp for over five hundred children!

A large number of the summer camp participants are “working children” so one mission we have is to reduce the number of hours children work during these weeks. Camp participants promise not to work without permission from their parents. These are family rules affirmed and encouraged by the camp year-round.

Most of these children, some devoted youth volunteers, come from two neighborhoods with a long history of gang violence between them. Camp provides a respite from the violence, drug use, abuse and neglect along with a glimpse of reconciliation and peace. This respite leads to laughter and participation and there is great joy shared by campers, volunteers, and staff. 

This year’s camp theme was perfect for the two neighborhoods, “Caminos de prevención en la ruta de Paz” (Methods of Prevention on the Path to Peace). Each day offered creative time with art projects, silly songs, filling snacks, and lessons on values, rights, and life skills. 

Your support of Global Ministries is changing lives and bringing hope, peace and a sense of order to these children’s lives. Thank you for your support and your prayers.

(Prayer and Mission Moment by Ashley Holst)

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Global Ministries Missionary in Dominican Republic:
Ashley Holst, a member of Zion United Church of Christ, Marion, Ill., serves as a Global Mission Intern in the Dominican Republic with Proyecto Caminante.  Ashley works with street children in Caminante’s Outreach Ministry. This community project is providing a safe space where hundreds of youth and their families receive counseling or participate in recreational and formation programs.