Pray for East Timor on Sunday, December 16, 2012

Pray for East Timor on Sunday, December 16, 2012

Lectionary Selection: Luke 3: 7-18

Prayers for East Timor:
Almighty God from whom we get our motivation and strength  to serve your people, thank you for having called a new set of leaders for the Christian Church in Timor Leste [Igrega Protestante iha Timor Loro’sae] in 2012 who are committed to focus their attention toward the development and welfare of the members of their struggling and evolving congregations. Kindly guide them as always to gain wisdom from your teachings as they encounter the influence of those that prefer a top-down approach to change. Likewise, help them resolve issues of conflict and indifference among its members. Let them be open and yet steadfast in pursuing a cohesive strategy that could provide an opportunity to break the cycle of poverty among its members. We are assured by your unfaltering love and goodness that there is always light beyond the tunnel of difficulties. As always we entrust our hopes and prayers in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Mission Stewardship Moment from East Timor:
As an avid amateur photographer, I learned a few techniques for converting still photos into a video with the aid of contemporary software. As I accompanied officers of our partner church [Igrega Protestante iha Timor Loro’sae [IPTL] for four different visits to their 72 congregations in the span of six years, I managed to prepare videos for each of them. During one of those visits with the congregation, while the IPTL pastors were busy listening to the evangelist and members’ predicaments, I took photos and prepared a video. was particularly delighted to see herself for the first time except when using a mirror. After the video was shown, one elderly matron stood up and gave me a buss on the cheek that left some of her red saliva from chewing bettlenuts, spread all over my left cheek. The rest of church members roared in laughter and started clapping their hands and shouting. This woman had never seen herself except when using a cloudy mirror.

Mission work is all about relationships, and there are several ways by which people express their gratitude of what Global Ministries does to connect with people. Thank you Lord, for the opportunity to make someone happy to see herself.          

(Prayer and Mission Moment by Carlos Madrazo)

Mission Partner in East Timor:
Protestant Churches of East Timor (IPTL),

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Global Ministries Missionary in East Timor:
Carlos Madrazo, a member of Bethany United Church of Christ, Seattle, Washington, served the Protestant Church of East Timor (IPTL). He worked as an adviser on institutional capacity building, resources and curriculum development with ITPL and its two related foundations – Foundasaun Didache (for the Lisa Dila Vocational High School) and Foundation Social Naroman (engaged in relief and development).