Pray for Ecuador on Sunday, July 28, 2013

Pray for Ecuador on Sunday, July 28, 2013

Lectionary Selection: Luke 11:1-13

Prayers for Ecuador

Thanks dear Savior for sun and rain, for earth and seeds. Thanks for friends who hold us dear and family who nurtures many of us. May we have the sense to pray for our enemies so we may forgive them as our God forgives us. May we also live our lives fully even though hard times, deaths, financial woes, and our own stubborn-ness confront us.

Mission Stewardship Moment from Ecuador

It has not been clear sailing for those of us who work for FEDICE (The Ecumenical Foundation for Development, Integration, Training and Education) of late. Our executive director, Victor Vaca, passed away in February after a worsening illness. Our new director, Blanca Puma, has easily, gracefully, and powerfully filled his shoes. But in early July, her loving mother passed away compounding Blanca’s loss of a special 21-year-old nephew in June 2012.
God, oh God! How much must we take? Blanca has moved through these times with sadness, yet has been fully present for our constituents and has continued to make FEDICE a passionate place. When another non-profit needed FEDICE’s help, she was there. This non-profit has not had an easy time of it either. With FEDICE’s assistance, money is now being used more wisely, the people they serve are more organized and appreciative of collaboration, and financial training will begin in the near future.
We at FEDICE thank all of you who contribute to Global Ministries and to the work we do to help the people of Ecuador out of poverty, to help people help themselves. Although sailing has been through rough waters, our path is still clear.

(The Ecumenical Foundation for Development, Integration, Training and Education (FEDICE) is an organization responsible for the coordination of education, health, agriculture, community development projects and programs for the indigenous population in rural communities in Ecuador. To learn more about the work of FEDICE, please click here)

(Prayer and Mission Moment by Marilyn Cooper & Glenn Hebert)

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Marilyn Cooper and Glenn Hebert are members of United Christian Church (DOC & UCC), Austin, Texas. They serve with the Ecumenical Foundation for Integral Development, Training and Education (FEDICE) and are working in Christian Education with FEDICE and developing/maintaining FEDICE’s website. Visit their blog for more: Experiences in Ecuador – a blog from Glenn Hebert and Marilyn Cooper