Pray for El Salvador on Sunday September 12, 2010

Pray for El Salvador on Sunday September 12, 2010

Lectionary Text and Prayers for El Salvador: Luke 15:1-10

Dear Lord,

Thank you for remembering the lost sheep.  Thank you for remembering those of us who wander lost, those of us who struggle to find your presence in the world around us.  Thank you, O Lord, for El Salvador.

Help us understand the culture of violence that causes many to live in fear.  Help us to understand the physical violence that kills more than ten people a day.  Help us understand the psychological violence that instills so much fear that bus drivers in high-risk have shut down their routes, causing even more stress on an already difficult economy.  Help us understand the economic violence that places so much in the hands of so few, forcing many to flee in search of a better life, only to meet more violence.

We pray, O God, for all of us who wander lost.  May those who seek a better life find welcome, not rejection, not violence.  May their families left behind find the strength to continue their education and their search for jobs in ways that bring peace.  May we all stand together and proclaim with the Emmanuel Baptist Church, the Lutheran Church of El Salvador, and all faiths in all the world in one united voice, “No to violence, yes to life!”  Thank you, O Lord, for remembering the lost sheep.


(Prayer by Nick Green)

Global Ministries International Partners:

  • Sinodo Luterano Salavadoreno – The Salvadoran Lutheran Synod has several ministries, including health promotion, care of the environment and disaster relief, human rights, children’s and youth programs, women’s programs, and pastoral training for both ordained and lay leaders.  They, along with its many ecumenical works and sister partnerships throughout the world unite under a single theme for this year, “No to violence, yes to life!”

  • Iglesia Bautista Emmanuel
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Global Ministries Missionary:

Nick Green is serving with the Evangelical Lutheran Church of El Salvador. He is working in the areas of Youth with the Family and Gender program, Translation for the Sister Parish Program and the Communications Program of the Church.