Pray for Fiji on Sunday, September 16, 2012

Pray for Fiji on Sunday, September 16, 2012

Lectionary Selection: Mark 8: 27 – 38

Prayers for Fiji:
God, we are thankful for the opportunity to practice sustainability of our earth through good stewardship. We are thankful for our partners, the Pacific Conference of Churches, and Aaron’s presence there. God, we stop to reflect upon those things—good and not so good—we have done to impact our world and the creatures living on it. As your Son Jesus asked, “Who do people say that I am?” may we ask ourselves the same question. You remind us daily to be aware of the type of character we portray, and to often ask ourselves what legacy we will leave. Help us to daily live by seeking to embody the heart and spirit of Your Way. 

Mission Stewardship Moment from Fiji:
The Pacific Conference of Churches (PCC) is a faith-based, regional ecumenical organization of Fiji that is paramount for the South Pacific region. Although the work of the PCC is dedicated to regional outreach, it has not neglected its responsibility to serve in its own backyard… literally. One of God’s greatest gifts to humanity is the earth on which we live, and with this gift comes the call of stewardship. Teresa of Avila said, “If we learn to love the earth, we will find labyrinths, gardens, fountains, and precious jewels! A whole new world will open itself to us. We will discover what it means to be truly alive.” With this idea we created an urban garden at the conference office in Suva. The idea started as a fantasy, then developed into a concept, and then a PowerPoint presentation. Because of the PCC’s commitment, the office now has gardens of tomatoes, carrots, beans, cabbage, passion fruit, herbs, root crops and flowers. And, we are just getting started. We look forward to the endless possibilities. Let the planting continue! 

Even if you are old, you must plant. Just as you found trees planted by others, you must plant them for your children.
–Midrash Tanchuma, Kodashim 

(Prayer and Mission Moment by Aaron Nash Wiggins)

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Aaron Wiggins serves with the Pacific Christian Council in Suva, Fiji, as a program associate working with advocacy and justice issues related to global warming and nuclear testing.