Pray for Ghana on Sunday, November 9, 2014

Pray for Ghana on Sunday, November 9, 2014

Lectionary Selection: Matthew 25 1-13

Prayers for Ghana:
Adapted from Theology Brewed In An African Pot

Leader: We gather as one family to welcome Christ.  Christ our guest, we offer you Kola-nut, a sign of friendship, fellowship and welcome from our family. Christ our guest, share our joys and sorrows which we present to you.
All: Christ, rejoice with us!
Leader: Christ our guest, our sons and daughters are fruitful in birth and we are blessed with strong and faithful brothers and sisters.
All: Christ, rejoice with us!
Leader: Christ our guest, our land is well watered and the yield of our harvest is bountiful.
All: Christ, rejoice with us!
Leader: Christ our liberator, our land is plagued by sickness and diseases of all kinds: malaria, AIDS, meningitis, cholera and now Ebola
All: Christ, free us!
Leader: Christ our liberator, we are oppressed by countless forms of injustice. We are saddled with the burden of corruption and inflation.  We do not love one another as we should.
All: Christ, free us!
Leader: Christ our guest, our liberator, we offer you our joys our sorrows: give rest and peace to our troubled hearts: may peace and justice reign in our community, and freedom be proclaimed to all of God’s children.
All: We agree. Let it be so, Amen!

Mission Stewardship Moment from Ghana:

The parable of the ten virgins is first and foremost about being ready for the return of Jesus. This is, of course, the priority of our partners here in Ghana. The work of preparing ministers to serve the spiritual needs of believers is something I have the privilege and joy of being a part of here at the Seminary in Peki. It is our prayer and goal that all will keep their eyes and hearts set on Jesus as we wait for his return.

The parable is also a story of “extra oil.” It is a story of being prepared for that time in between, that time of life here on earth until the bridegroom returns. All of the nuts and bolts of doing Jesus’ work while we wait equates to the purchase of that extra oil now while there is still time to do the work of being prepared. It is interesting to note that the unprepared virgins had the money in their possession to buy more oil; they just didn’t do it in time.  I am so thankful for your willingness to share your resources for the mission of the global church, because now is when it is making a difference here in Ghana

Our partners in Ghana are preparing for some important things. While there are no official cases of Ebola in Ghana as of this writing, our hearts ache for neighboring countries in West Africa who are experiencing this awful epidemic.  May we all pray that it can be contained soon.  The Ghanaian church is working to prepare people in the event that it crosses the borders into Ghana. It has also been a tough time of inflation for Ghanaians: fuel costs climbed 21% in one day, a bag of cement has gone up from 11 Cedis to 36 Cedis in the time I have been here. The local currency is losing ground in exchange and everything is going up except for wages. Your prayers and support are so meaningful to partners during these times.  God bless you for being good stewards of the “extra oil” funds that are available to you, as you use them to further God’s mission throughout the world! And God bless the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Ghana for its faithfulness in using its oil to bring healing and spiritual renewal to communities where the church serves.

You are loved and appreciated by your spiritual family here in West Africa!

(Prayer and Mission Moment by Gary Luallin)

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Gary Luallin, a member of Southside Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Jacksonville, Florida, serves with the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Ghana, as a university professor.