Pray for Guatemala on Sunday August 22, 2010

Pray for Guatemala on Sunday August 22, 2010

Lectionary Text and Prayers for Guatemala: Luke 13:10-17

Liberating God, we thank you for sending Jesus into the world to set us free from all that holds us in bondage. Thank you for the ordinary and the extraordinary ways that you bring liberation in our personal lives and in our faith communities. Today we thank you for the work of our partners in Guatemala. We pray for their ministries of hope and healing and we ask you to help us be faithful as we accompany them in their work of liberation. Help us to celebrate today the freedom that the Good News of Jesus brings in our lives and the lives of those with whom we are in partnership in Guatemala. Amen

 (Prayer by Bob Shebeck)

Global Ministries International Partners in Guatemala:

Global Ministries Missionary in Guatemala:

Gloria Vicente-Kanu serves with Guatemalan Culture Action (ACG) as a youth and communication worker