Pray for Guatemala on Sunday, March 11, 2018

Pray for Guatemala on Sunday, March 11, 2018

Lectionary Selection: John 3:14-21

Prayers for Guatemala:

Dear God,

Together, we will join our ideas and dreams, we will make visible the other world that is possible; a world of peace with justice, where “good living” is for everyone, without exception. We know that a world of peace requires many hands, hearts, and voices. Aware that the violence that strikes each country is on the every continent, we are joining together to generate a culture of evangelical peace that illuminates our dark reality.

In the face of our pain, we dream, we determine, we walk, and we love. As Deborah (Judges 4-5) acted in determination, indignation, and compassion, we act and we walk, because we are the guardians of well-being and security for all people.

Mission Stewardship Moment from Guatemala:

The Continental Christian Network for Peace (RECONPAZ), brought together by the Ecumenical Christian Council of Guatemala for Peace, initiated a new path and a process with youth. They have united in a network, extended like mesh, to catch dreams and weave them together; brave dreams that face the nightmares of a violence that murders, plunders, and discriminates. They have said, “Let us be RECONPAZ.”

I see how difficult peace is and sometimes it seems impossible to reach it. Walking through Central America, I see many young people isolated in their pain, terrified. I see young people being forced to kill or be killed. This reality, common in many countries of Central America, drains life and extinguishes hope.

However I am inspired by these young people from different backgrounds and countries who have joined forces for peace.

  • Mexicans- Asaf Vera Baltodano, 22 years old, a student of theology and pedagogy, leader of the Shalom Pastors and collaborator with the Baptists for Peace, joined the network of youth, and Ximena Ulloa Montemayor, archaeologist, liturgist, is a leader in networks of peace. They joined RECONPAZ because they want to formulate youth projects that make visible another world that is possible in Latin America.
  • Guatemalans – Brayan Alvarado, 28 years old, student of theology, Pentecostal, theology and pastoral teacher, joined the Youth Network. Kevin Moya, leader of the ecumenical pastoral, 27 years old, student of theology and history, collaborator with socio-religious organizations and social movements on issues of education, joined the youth network to promote research, training and public advocacy initiatives.
  • Salvadorans – David López, 18 years old, from El Salvador, joined the network of youth, because he is outraged that his country has the name “El Salvador”, and yet injustice, violence, modern slavery, death, and structural sin still prevail. Erick Soriano, member and teacher, coordinator of the Ministry of Culture of Peace, coordinates a youth house in his community besieged by violence. Erick joined the network because of his deep belief in peace.
  • Colombians –   Sebastián Navarro and Lina Forero from Cali, Colombia are conscientious objectors to mandatory military service, theology students and young Christians who wish for a country with youth working for peace and reconciliation.

They have joined RECONPAZ with the expectation that the churches can work together to bring an environment of peace in their communities.

The desolate environment overwhelming the continent shifts its spectrum. Committed youth encourage hope.

(Prayer and Mission Moment by Ricardo Mayol)

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