Pray for Haiti on Sunday November 7, 2010

Pray for Haiti on Sunday November 7, 2010

Lectionary Text and Prayer for Haiti: Luke 20:27-38

Father and Mother Creator, even amidst the tragedies of life, you continuously affirm that you are a God of life. You call us into life giving relationships with all people asking that our lives cast light into a world of darkness and hope into situations filled with despair. Today we pray for our brothers and sisters in Haiti. We ask that those still dealing with profound losses from the earthquake will know your spirit of peace. In a country filled with sickness and disease we send our healing thoughts. We pray specifically for our partner The National Spiritual Council of Haitian Churches. May their vision for rebuilding continue to be inspired by your dream of justice for all people. God of life, today we also send your love to the over one million displaced Haitians living in tents and under tarps. We pray for their protection and well being, especially for the roughly 25,000 mothers living with infants in tent cities. Finally, we ask that your spirit of truth and justice be present in the upcoming Presidential elections in Haiti. May the people of Haiti have their voices heard so that their own leaders, as well as leaders from around the world, will work together to create a society based on equality and love. We ask all of these things in the name of the life giving Spirit. Amen.

(Prayer by Patrick Bentrott)

Global Ministries International Partners in Haiti:

• National Spiritual Council of Haitian Churches (CONASPEH) is composed of 7,000 affiliated grassroots churches, approximately 3,000 neighborhood schools, plus the Karen School of Nursing and the Andrew Theological Seminary. An  important part of their mission is to provide a more unified political and social voice for Protestant churches in the country.
• House of Hope is a project that works in favor of children who live in domestic slavery
• Hospice St. Joseph is dedicated to walking with the poor who can’t afford health care or emergency surgery.
• Ecumenical Committee for Peace and Justice
• Service Chrétien D’Haiti
• Albert Schweitzer Hospital in Haiti
• Christian Center Integral Development: Sant Kretyen pou Devlopman Entegre (SKDE)

Global Ministries Missionaries in Haiti:

Patrick Bentrott, a member of Sixth Avenue United Church of Christ, Denver, Colorado, serves the National Spiritual Council of Churches in Haiti (CONASPEH). He assists CONASPEH with the hosting of People-to-People pilgrimages.