Pray for Hungary on Sunday, April 10, 2011

Pray for Hungary on Sunday, April 10, 2011

Prayers for Hungary: John 11:1-45

God, we lift up to you the people of Hungary and our partners there. We pray especially for the witness of the Reformed Church in Hungary. We ask you to walk with them as they bring hope and new life to their country. We pray for those preparing for the ministry and ask that you might raise-up a generation of  courageous and loving leaders. We ask you to strength our commitment to walk with our brothers and sisters on their journey. We pray as well for the Roma people who have been marginalized in Europe and ask that you would encourage those who are reaching out to them in their struggle for justice and human dignity. Amen

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Global Ministries International Partner in Hungary:

  • The Reformed Church in Hungary is, in terms of numbers, the largest denomination in Hungary, after the Roman Catholic Church. The existence of the Reformed Church in Hungary dates from this Debrecen Synod of 1567. At present the registered number of Reformed Hungarians world-wide is about three and a half million. Of these, some two million live in Hungary. In consequence of the dismemberment of Hungary after World War I, many congregations—even whole church districts in Transylvania—were separated from the church and placed beyond the borders of this country. These believers continue to live in their old homes, but in alien linguistic and religious surroundings. In the United States there are some 70 Hungarian Reformed congregations in two separate church bodies. The Reformed Church in Hungary maintains close fraternal relations with Hungarian coreligionists living abroad, whether in neighboring countries or dispersed throughout the world, partly through the World Federation of Hungarian Reformed Believers, and partly within the framework of the Consultative Synod of the Hungarian Reformed Church. Reformed believers amount to about 21% of the Hungarian population of ten million. 1200 congregations live in four Church Districts and 27 seniorates.

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Global Ministries Missionaries in Hungary:

Barbara and Zoltan Szucs are Global Ministries missionaries with the Reformed Church in Hungary. Barbara works with the Roma (Gypsy) mission as an enabler and Zoltan serves as a Professor of Practical Theology at Karoli Gaspar University in Budapest.

Coralyn and Laslo Medyesy are Global Ministries missionaries with the Reformed Church in Hungary, based in Budapest, Hungary. Coralyn is a Teacher of Social Work and Diakonia at the Nagy Koros School. Laslo serves as professor of theology in the Department of Theology of the Gaspar Karoli Reformed University in Budapest.

Pray for Partners without Global Ministries Mission Personnel: Syria

God, we pray for the country of Syria. We are reminded of your church in this land which has roots back to the time of the early disciples. We ask that you would give them courage and strength to be your witnesses in this land where they are a minority. We pray especially for their ministries with Iraqi refugees. Amen

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