Pray for Hungary on Sunday, May 5, 2013

Pray for Hungary on Sunday, May 5, 2013

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Lectionary Selection: Acts 16:9-15

Prayers for Hungary:

Dear Lord,
We come to you today in prayer, in awe and in thanks. During this Easter season we see the world blooming all around us and we too feel a stirring within ourselves. Refresh our souls, we pray, as you did with Lydia on the side of that river so long ago. Keep us ever mindful of your presence with us as well as our presence among each other. Make us aware of those yearning for a simple invitation and make us aware of the very same need within our own hearts.

Holy God, today we say a special prayer for the people of Hungary. May you grant them peace, embolden their steps and guide them along their journeys. We ask for your continued blessing upon the Reformed Church in Hungary, from its leadership and ministries out to each member as they strive to reflect your love. And finally, we thank you for the invitation to open our homes and heart to each other in relationship, but most importantly the invitation you have given all of us to be in relationship with you.


Mission Stewardship Moment from Hungary:

Have you ever travelled to a strange place and been welcomed with an invitation to stay in someone’s home? What a wonderful gift! It is a respite from your travels, a place to lay your head and a home away from home. Being invited into someone’s life is a symbol of trust, acceptance and love. However, I think it’s safe to say that usually we know the person we’re staying with, we have some sort of relationship or connection with them, but in our reading, this is not the case. Lydia invites perfect strangers, men she met on the banks of a river, into her home.

But are they really strangers? Are any of us really strangers with Christ in our lives? For me, the Refugee Ministry of the Reformed Church in Hungary personifies this faith every day. They wade through governmental red tape and work all hours, day and night, to provide an open home to those forced from their lands because of religious, ethnic or political reasons. I’ve seen the love that grows between strangers, and I’ve seen the heartbreak that lingers when every ounce of effort is still not enough. People here have cared for me and showed me their love during this time of separation and I am forever grateful. They have welcomed us, strangers in a strange land, as Lydia welcomed Paul; with open, trusting hearts strengthened by a fellowship and love only found through Jesus. Now it’s our turn to do the same.

(Prayer and Mission Moment by Amy Lester)

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Amy Lester, a member of First Christian Church, Baton Rouge, La., serves with the Reformed Church in Hungary where she works to facilitate international communications, tutor in English, and receive and guide international guests including the Youth-Festival of the Reformed Church.