Pray for India on Sunday, April 26, 2009

Pray for India on Sunday, April 26, 2009

Lectionary Text and Prayers for India: Luke 24:36-48

Dear Lord,

In a land which has the highest population of the world, where there is such extremes of wealth and poverty all at the same time.  Where the masses are coming out to vote hoping for a better tomorrow amongst a line of people fighting and buying each other out to be the Prime Minister of this country, give them hope. Where people kill and persecute your people as they are scared and do not understand the power of that Love that You pour out.

But most of all give us the strength to believe in you in each step we take, to have the faith that with you all things are truly possible just as you rose from the dead and came back, let us also go in the knowledge that you are the true and risen God and with no doubts in our mind ready to live our lives as an example of you.


Prayer requests:

1.   Help us dear God as we battle with the elections of the biggest Democracy of the world as it stands divided and leaders are buying each other up in order to gain power, right up to the position of the Prime Minister.

2.  As the elections go on, others may not lose their lives as we have already lost many in the first phase.

3.  The threat of terrorism as we deal with Pakistan and its latest hit on Mumbai and the suspicion in which we continue an estranged relationship. 

4.  For The Christian Hospital Mungeli which as small a drop in the bucket, works hard to bring comfort in the lives of those who come in hope and suffering.

5.  For the little minds of Rambo Memorial English Medium School that they may see God touching their lives as their little minds reach out to the wonders Thou Hast Created.

 (Prayer by Anil Henry)

* Please pray for Nancy Lott Henry, Anil’s Mom, who sustained an injury after slipping between a train and the platform. She suffered broken ribs and some internal injuries. Currently Anil is concerned about a possible spinal injury.

Global Ministries International Partners in India:

Besides the Church of North India and the Church of South India, Global Ministries has about forty partners in India. To view a list of those partners and a paragraph summary on each, go to: and scroll down to the partner section

Global Ministries Missionaries in India:

Teresa and Anil Henry are serving a four year term with the Synodical Board of Health Services of the Church of North India. Teresa is the anesthesiologist of the Christian Hospital of Mungeli and Anil works as a medical doctor there.

Nancy Lott Henry is serving as a long-term volunteer with the Church of North India. She is working as a teacher of nurses for hospitals in their eastern region.